Avery Divider Range

the perfect filing solution

Whether you need to create a professional customer presentation, or simply organise and coordinate your documents, the Avery Divider Range will provide you with the perfect filing solution and personalised labels and stickers.

Avery Divider Range

Avery® IndexMaker™

When you have a customer presentation coming up, the last thing you want is unnecessary stress about how you are going to present and format your presentation for delivery. With the Avery IndexMakerâ„¢ range of dividers, this will be the least of your problems, and you can focus on memorising your facts!

Smart, professional, and extra durable, the Avery IndexMakerâ„¢ range of dividers will help you to create impressive customer presentations, training packs or course folders. Each pack includes a printable contents sheet and printable blank labels for the tabs, making it easy to create customised dividers with a professional finish.

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Avery® ReadyIndex™

Whether you are at work, or at home, it can be really easy to lose important pieces of paper or documents. We’ve all been in that position, and it is really frustrating! To help avoid such situations and help you locate your paperwork quickly, easily, and effectively, Avery ReadyIndex™ is the answer!

Coloured, numbered, lettered, or with blank tabs, there’s an ideal divider to help you organise your files! With extra strong reinforced punched holes and laminated tabs, Avery ReadyIndex™ card dividers are perfect for long-lasting use. They also have a printable contents sheet, making it even easier to colour coordinate your documents.


Avery® Mylar

For a simple, yet professional, organising system, Avery Mylar dividers are crisp white in colour, and are available in various tab formats.

Perfect for archiving and for more general filing, and with a printable contents sheet, Avery Mylar dividers are quick and easy to use, with easy referencing.

customise your dividers with Avery Design and Print

Customise your dividers

Whatever your requirement may be, the Avery Divider range offers a complete and professional solution to your needs and requirements.

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Avery Divider Ranges:

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Avery IndexMaker Dividers

Print your own dividers tabs and contents sheets

Avery ReadyIndex Dividers

Colour coded file dividers to get your files organised

Avery Mylar Dividers

The quick and easy way to organise your documents

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