Style your desk with a touch of Brilliance

Our newest desktop range

At Avery we are committed to supporting you with the best ways of organising your spaces.

When it comes to our desktop accessories, we have been busy looking at the newest interior design and fashion trends to create a brand new desktop range that helps you to get organised in style. Don't forget some custom stickers to add to your design.

Style your desk
Style your desk

Facts and figures

We took a real ‚Äėoutside in‚Äô view at both homes and businesses and found that the way we are working is changing rapidly!

· Over 67% of employees admitted to wishing they could style their own desks and said they’d be far more productive if they were able to do this.
· The home office is also becoming more of a necessity than ever before, with flexible working and hot desking in our offices becoming a growing trend.
· The number of home offices is on the rise with people starting their own businesses and now looking for products that not only look great, but and add value to their productivity and organisation.
· Colour is in! Strong block colours are forecast to trend 2018/19, with colour being scientifically proven to improve productivity and boost your mood. 

Style your desk

Brilliance Desk Collection

We are proud to introduce the Avery Brilliance Desk Collection. This modern range comes in contemporary white with a splash of vibrant blue.

Blue is scientifically proven to be calming and teamed with clean, modern white; this stylish range is perfectly suited to any home or office. The range includes five carefully thought out items to get you organised and working more productively.

Style your desk

Brilliance Letter Trays

These letter trays bring the latest fashion trends right to your desk. With specially positioned indentations along the base of the tray they are fully stackable with no need for risers and lock into place to prevent them slipping out of place.

The trays are incredibly sturdy with an attractive gloss finish and are available to purchase separately.

Style your desk

Magazine Rack

The Brilliance magazine racks are designed to be hard-wearing, including sturdy sides and a strong base that holds a wide range of documents, magazines and catalogues.

Small feet on the base help secure the item in place on your desk. With an attractive a glossy finish, these magazine racks are a great addition to any desk.

Style your desk

Pen Pot

The Brilliance Pen Pot is the perfect partner to the Brilliance Desktop Range.

We have created this pen pot to include two compartments for you so that there is ample room to store pencils, pens, scissors and up to 30cm rulers. The small feet on the base help secure the item in place on your desk.

Style your desk

Accessory Tray

No matter how tidy your desk appears, there are always those essential bits and bobs lying around that could use a home. The Brilliance accessory tray not only looks great but is perfect for storing these loose accessories.

Two larger compartments hold standard size post-it notes as well as smaller items such as drawing pins, staples, paper clips, erasers and USB sticks. Small and sturdy this tray is ideal for on desk or inside drawer organisation.

Style your desk

Business Card Holder

Avery has never before provided a business card holder within our desktop ranges. After listening to consumer needs, we have added a business card holder that holds up to 100 business cards without tipping over.

The business card holder has a dipped front which makes it easier for better visibility and easy card retrieval. A great way to keep all your important contacts in one place.

The Brilliance Range

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