Ways to Organise your Classroom

Using Avery Printable Labels

Avery is dedicated to helping teachers make every school year the best year ever. Available in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes, Avery's custom labels  and stickers can be used in a multitude of creative ways to organise your classroom.

Below we've compiled these ways to use Avery products and our free printable label templates to stimulate creativity, keep supplies tidy and inspire your students to participate in classroom organisation.

The easiest way to print on your blank labels and cards is with our tried and tested Design & Print template software. All of our free design templates below open directly in Design & Print where you can personalise them and even apply these designs to other Avery products.

Back to School Tips from Avery
Label your supplies with Avery Labels

Use Printable Labels to Keep Track of Teacher Supplies

It's no secret, Avery¬ģ Address Labels are some of the most useful, versatile printable labels for organizing. QuickPEEL‚ĄĘ and UltraGrip‚ĄĘ technologies¬†ensure not a single label is wasted so you can achieve classroom organisation perfection.

One of the best ways to use Avery printable labels in the classroom is to label teacher supplies. We know hands-on activities and excited students can make it difficult to keep track of supplies. Using personalised labels for teacher supplies makes them easy to identify and return.

Use Avery Labels to organise Classroom supplies

Organise table stationery with labelled caddies

Inexpensive plastic caddies with handles are a practical classroom organisation must-have. Using printable labels to identify table numbers and colour coded labels for supplies ensures ‚Äúa place for everything and everything in its place.‚ÄĚ

Avery Labels come in assorted colors that make it easy for your students to visually pinpoint. 

Keeping table supplies neatly labelled keeps lessons flowing smoothly and gives your students a chance to participate in the classroom organisation process. Removable printable labels give you the flexibility to easily adjust and re-organise as needed.

Brightly coloured Avery labels help organise classroom supplies

Cups + Labels = Supply Station

DIY supply stations are fun, practical ways to stimulate creativity and organise your classroom. Making sure supplies are labelled in individual containers keeps the station neat and in order. All you need for this project are plastic cups and printable labels. 

For a quick, easy and inexpensive supply station, simply apply your printable labels to colourful plastic cups.

Colourful Avery Labels help organise classroom strorage trays

Printable labels instantly enhance classroom tray storage

Plastic storage bins are an invaluable way to maximize cupboard, tray and shelf space. The key to using bin storage effectively for classroom organisation is labelling each bin for easy access.

Avery printable labels allow you to visually assess the contents of any storage bin in an instant, eliminating wasted time and energy searching through multiple tubs for desired items. Colorful labels not only enliven your classroom, but can be used to colour-code supply trays by category as well.

Avery Chalkboard Labels look great on stationery jars

Removable Chalkboard Labels

Printable labels are wonderful for creating neat, eye-catching labels that are uniform and easy to read. but when you want to regularly update labelled containers or switch the contents, chalkboard labels are the ideal solution.

Avery Removable Chalkboard Labels are the perfect re-writable label for classroom organisation. Simple mason jars with chalkboard labels make charming containers for small or temporary supplies.