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We understand that choosing labels for your small business products and packaging can be a minefield. Balancing the aesthetic with practicality, while trying to meet your sustainability goals, is just another juggling act on your to-do list.

It’s important though - just as important as custom label and sticker design, shape and size. When you get the material right, you can guarantee that your brand and product will make a better impression, and your label will last longer. 

Think of it this way. Using a paper label for a product that comes into contact with water, is like wearing flip flops to go on a muddy hike in the middle of winter. An absolute no-no, we’re sure you’ll agree?!

What is true for footwear, is also true for labels. Choose the right material for the best experience. So settle down with a cup of tea, while we help you to navigate the minefield! Find something you like along the way? Use code POWERUP10 for 10% off.


Jewellery box labels

When should I use paper labels?

First on our list is paper. Paper labels are the classic all-rounder for general labelling, product labelling, and address and sender labels. They can also be used for labelling food packaging… But don’t consider paper labels for products that will come into contact with water or heat, keep reading for our tougher labels. Available in a selection of colours, these are incredibly versatile.

Permanent or removable...

Avery paper labels have a permanent adhesive option and a removable adhesive option. Our removable labels leave no residue behind, which makes them great for pricing and promotional labelling on retail product packaging. 

Shop paper labels: printed labels  OR  blank labels 

Oval label organic protein

When should I use recycled labels?

The Avery team is genuinely passionate about sustainability, which is why we will always champion the use of recycled labels within our small business community. If ‘green’ is at the top of your priority list, these are for you.

Made from 100% recycled waste paper, these are our most eco-friendly alternative to normal paper; vegan and biodegradable, and bleached without chlorine to create white paper with tiny flecks of colour, adding to its appeal. 

The permanent adhesive makes it great for everyday use.

Shop recycled labels: For printed labels OR  blank labels 


Kraft label for candle

What are kraft labels best for?

Made from 100% recycled paper, this brown paper is another fantastic option when you’re working on becoming more eco-friendly. They’re made without the use of chlorine as a bleaching agent, plus they’re biodegradable and vegan.

Our kraft labels have a permanent adhesive, ideal for general everyday uses. 

Shop kraft labels:  printed labels OR  blank labels 

Clear perfume labels

Why choose clear labels?

Our transparent, glossy film labels give the effect of your label design being printed directly onto a glossy surface. 

These are ideal when you are looking to create a particularly high-quality and elegant look on bottles, jars or packaging - and they’re perfect for product labels in the cosmetics sector.

Shop clear labels:  printed labels OR  blank labels 

Waterproof bottle labels

What is a ‘resistant label’? Where would you use them?

We like to call these THE TOUGH ONES. These labels are made of extremely hard-wearing polyester and are exceptionally durable, withstanding temperatures between -20°C to +80°C.

These toughies are the perfect choice for products that are exposed to water, heat, oils or strong chemicals! From cosmetics to candles, the perfect power-up product.

Shop tough labels: printed labels OR blank labels 

Cream antique paper wine label

Is Cream Textured Paper the one for you?

These labels add an extra feeling of luxury to any product or packaging, trust us! Cream paper with a handmade textured feel, high wet strength and resistance to damage caused by moisture. Ideal for your bottle, jar or can labelling!

Shop cream textured labels:  printed labels OR blank labels 

Clevedon candle co gold labels

Where should you use gold labels?

We just love our metallic collection; who doesn’t love a little decadence? Our metallic gold paper creates a golden shine when exposed to light- ideal for adding a decorative finish to invites, premium products or for the finishing touches on gifts.  Especially good for the festive season- see what our customer Clevedon Candle Co did with their Christmas range. 

Shop gold labels: printed labels OR  blank labels

Beard oil silver label

How to use silver labels

Our metallic silver paper creates a soft shine when exposed to light- ideal for adding a decorative finish to invites, premium products or for the finishing touches on gifts.  

Shop silver film labels: printed labels OR  blank labels

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