Tips for printing on non-white products

Follow these two rules to ensure your designs look their best

There are two things you need to remember when designing products that are not white. Here are our two top tips:

Avery Design & Print Tips for Designing Non-White Products
Avery design tips for non-white products

Tip 1

Printers cannot print white!

Unfortunately printers cannot print white as it is not actually a "colour". If  you are printing onto a non-white product and your image or contains white this will appear transparent on your printed version.  

For example, the penguin's white belly on this image will be brown when printed on Brown Kraft labels. White text will not appear at all.

Avery design tips for non-white products

Tip 2

Think about text colour

When coming to chose the colour for your text, think about what colour your label is, and if your chosen text colour will stand out.

On the examples here, while orange text might look nice on the screen, when it comes through the printer, the text might be very difficult to see against the brown paper.  Black or another dark colour will show up much better.  

Avery design tips for non-white products

Equally, when adding text to other coloured labels, think about which ones will show up best. Orange ink will not be very visible on Neon labels, although they may look good on the screen.  A contrasting colour will be seen more easily.

Avery design tips for non-white products

Please remember! Printers cannot print white. This means any white text on your design will not appear at all on your printed product.