Add a personal touch when selling Christmas crafts and gifts

Discover how easy it is to personalise products

If you create and sell Christmas gifts, are you making sure you maximise your sales over the coming weeks? Lots of people are looking for something different and special right now and it’s an ideal sales opportunity for the gift market.

Personalisation has become such a huge thing and as a handmade business you will find it easier to think about ways to personalise your products than a large manufacturer. 

Christmas Crafts
Christmas Crafts

Create festive labels

For those who sell festive food or create handmade gifts, why don’t you try creating new labels specifically for the festive season? This helps you stand out in a busy gift-market and highlights how much care and thought you put into your products and the service you provide.

It’s usually the attention to detail which people remember, so a small tweak to a design could create a lasting reminder. We have a range of Christmas icons, images and templates in Design & Print making it easy to add subtle changes to existing packaging. You could even change the name of the product just for Christmas e.g. Emma’s Ho-Ho-Homemade Biscuits.

Christmas Crafts

Label Design

Our recent study into the importance of label design showed how you can increase sales, product perception, brand love and loyalty by thinking more about your label design.

Handwritten fonts, emotive images and text, bold colours, shapes and borders all contributed to strong performing labels.

It’s also a good time to think about showing any awards you have received on your product labels. 

Christmas Crafts

Seasonal Shipping

But it’s not just the products that can have a festive feel. When sending out your packages, think about how you can add some Christmas images to your packaging. It’s bound to make the recipient smile when the item arrives, as we all feel that Christmas excitement.

Avery Round Labels make a perfect special message label. Using Avery Design & Print, you can easily add a festive icon and wish your customer a Merry Christmas.

Take a look at the full Christmas template gallery. We’d love to see what you create, so feel free to share your images on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Round Reward Stickers E3613 Content: 192 Sticker / 8 Sheet

Round Reward Stickers E3613

40 mm
192 Sticker / 8 Sheet
All printer types
Round Product Labels L7630-25

Round Product Labels L7630-25

63.5 mm
All printer types
Round Kraft Labels L7106-20

Round Kraft Labels L7106-20

60 mm
All printer types

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