Organise your Largest Office Space

Keeping your workspace clean and organised can have a profound effect on your productivity, concentration, and ability to find everything you need. You might be surprised how much more efficiently you’ll be able to work after restoring some order to a messy desk. All you need is a little bit of time, the discipline to throw away unneeded items, and a system for making sure everything is in its proper place.

Paperwork piling up is still a key cause of clutter with office workers printing out an average of 28 sheets a day. Be brutally honest about what you need to print and keep. Ask yourself if there a legal reason for keeping something and consider how likely you are to need it in future. Put the paperwork you decide to keep in good-quality folders and create some custom stickers to label them clearly. Avoid terms like ‘miscellaneous’ or ‘other’ as a category – you’re unlikely to remember what’s in there.

Organise your Office