Organise your Office Kitchen

Having a kitchen, a canteen or a space to relax at work is nice. It is a place where we all take a precious few minutes away from our desk.

In order to remain a pleasant, relaxing space the kitchen does need to maintain a little order as no-one wants to spend their break looking everywhere for the teabags. Labelling your tea, coffee and sugar canisters is a simple but effective way to help keep the kitchen looking neat and inviting. For information which changes regularly, like a canteen menu or cleaning-up rota, why not try the Avery signage range?

To keep your kitchen or canteen in order, it’s a good idea to display a few rules and regulations too. Whether it’s company waste and recycling policies or a simple reminder to wash your mugs, hands; signage can go a long when it comes to maintaining a calm and clean environment.

Organise your kitchen

For all your kitchen needs and more Avery has the right solution:

Avery Self-Laminating Labels
Avery Cable Markers
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A little help from our predesigned templates to get you started

Menu Avery Template design for Organising
Hipster Avery Template design for Organising
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