COVID-19 Social Distancing Signs and Posters

Posters and Floor Stickers designed to clearly mark social distancing rules

Social distancing signs are necessary as social distancing has become a requirement in all kinds of workplaces to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Even when the law is lifted we'll still want to keep peace of mind for our communities by maintaining social distancing with signs.

As such Avery has designed a range of removable social distancing signs and stickers such as COVID-19 Posters and Floor Stickers so these guidelines can be followed. There is a choice between 'keep 2 metres' apart or general 'practise social distancing' signs.

Our COVID-19 Posters are self-adhesive and remove easily leaving no residue. While our COVID-19 Floor Stickers are made from a hard-wearing, anti-slip and anti-scuff material, making them perfect for high footfall areas. 

Avery COVID Social Distancing Sign - Coronavirus keep two metres apart posters fro retail

Self-adhesive Posters

A3, A4 and circular removable label signs