COVID-19 Wear a Face Mask Signs

Highlight the need to wear a mask clearly to reduce the spread of Coronavirus

As more and more business re-open their doors after lockdown it is important to clearly highlight some of the new precautions that both staff and customers need to adhere to, such as wearing a face mask, to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Businesses that work in close proximity to their customers, such as hairdressers, beauty therapists, medical staff, retail and transport workers, may wish to wear masks to protect against COVID-19.

In order to help convey this message, Avery has created self-adhesive COVID-19 Wear Mask posters for you to use in your place of work. These label and sticker signs are completely removable while sticking securely to a variety of surfaces. 

Avery Wear a Mask Signs

Face mask/covering signs

self-adhesive removable posters