Asset Management

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Protecting your tools, equipment and machinery is essential and you can do this with a strong and durable tag. On this page you can find Asset labelling to help keep your equipment safe and secure with unique identification and our tagging solutions:

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Labelling for facilities & operations industries

Security Labels

Keep all your tools, equipment and machinery protected, our labels are specifically designed for protection; removal attempts are made noticeable.

hero_labels_Security_Anti tamper labels_apr17
  • Compatible with laser printers
  • Oil, dirt and UV resistant, water and tear-proof.
  • 20 sheets per pack
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hero_labels_security labels_no peel_
  • Compatible with laser printers
  • Oil and dirt resistant, splash and tear-proof
  • Temperature resistant -40º to 100ºC.
  • 20 sheets per pack
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  • Anti-Tamper labels are ideal for the securing and sealing of products, documents and marking equipment. - Any attempts to remove these labels result in pre-printed residue being left behind.
  • No Peel labels are ideal for providing essential extra security, e.g., property labelling, security and safety labelling, inspection seals and calibration certificates. - Any attempt made to remove these labels allow the material to disintegrate, making removal virtually impossible and tampering immediately obvious.

Resistant Labels

Order by the sheet and print with a laser printer. Strong and durable. It’s simple: you decide, we dispatch.

resistant labels gas and liquid danger
  • Durable labels and strong labels
  • Waterproof, tear-proof and oil resistant
  • Starting from £8.90
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Silver resistant oil and tube warning label
  • Extra Strong labels
  • Waterproof and oil resistant
  • -30°C to +120°C
  • Starting from £8.90
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Which Assets would you need to label?

We know it can be challenging to know what products need what kind of labelling, which is why we offer a free 360 virtual experience for all our customers. This software allows you to view the type of labels most suitable for your assets in your working environment. You can select from a range of environment ‘hot spots’ closest to your own environment and view how our security labels can help keep your assets secure.

360 environment