Do you shout about your company successes?

How to attract attention and engage customers

If you have won any awards or received accreditations you should use this as part of your marketing mix. It is likely you will proudly display your success stories on your website, in company brochures and as part of your sales pitch but do you include them on your labels and stickers? Winning awards gives customer’s more confidence in your business as it means it has been approved externally. It can be time-consuming to go for accolades, but it is worth taking the time to put yourself out there in the spotlight.

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Build awards in your label design

Last year, Avery UK completed an extensive piece of research into what makes a label attract attention and encourages your customers to engage with it.

A well-designed, effective label should lead consumers down a pathway. Firstly, the consumer must pay attention to it and secondly, the label should encourage the consumer to spend some time considering the item.

Avery Verification Template

Different designs

One area of design which we explored was the impact of adding awards and accreditations into your label design.

An example of a label which was tested in our experiments was one which had a tick and the words “Verified by”. This improved quality perceptions by 42% and love by 68%.  When used as a parcel label, it also increased word-of-mouth and purchase intentions by 37% and 40%, respectively.

Avery template with winners trophy

Show off your awards

Another method which was tried and tested in our study was where we included the words “Homemade Health Awards” and a first-place trophy icon.

This medal label improved considerations by 25%, positive impressions by 36%, and quality perceptions by 53%. The value of this label is an extra 52p in willingness-to-pay.

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Take a look at your current product labels. Do you currently display any awards you have received?

If not, next time you consider the label design think of the impact that adding your key accreditations could have. You can read more advice on label design by downloading the free report for small businesses on our website.


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