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Cream textured paper labels

Looking for a premium paper look?
We have a professional looking cream textured labels.

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What you say on the label and how you design it is, of course, very important. But it’s just as crucial to consider the label material.

If you want a more distinctive look and feel, Antique White labels can say a lot about you. These off-white, matt labels are textured, rather like parchment paper. This not only enhances the visual appeal of your products, gifts or items, it also gives them tactile appeal so that people will want to pick them up and feel them.

You can say a lot with Antique White textured labels because this is the type of labelling that many premium, high value brands tend to use. These labels represent luxury, elegance and excellence as well as timeless and classic qualities.

If you want to portray a vintage, crafted or rustic feel, Antique White labels are ideal for this too – just use your design to achieve the right look.

Watch our video to get some inspiration.

What can you use Antique White labels for?

Antique White labels tend to be used for food and drink, such as bottled preserves and drinks, or beauty products. But there really are no limits! They make perfect wine bottle labels, and work just as well on paper, cardboard and cellophane.

These labels have properties required for professional food and drink labelling. The adhesive we use, for example, complies with food safety regulations, making them suitable for direct food contact on dry and moist non-fatty foods.

Other qualities that make Antique White labels particularly suitable for food, drink and beauty products are being splash proof and mould proof. (Wet can cause inferior labels to slip, come off and change shape, or for colours to run.)

The temperatures that Antique White labels can withstand are between 20°C and 80°C which covers normal storage and transportation conditions. If your products need to be exposed to more extreme temperatures or long periods under water, you may need Extra Durable Labels.

What size and shape are these labels?

All the normal shapes are included – oval, rectangle, round and square. Antique White labels also come in straight oval and plaque shapes. Sizes range from 25mm square to nearly 200 mm wide in the rectangle shape.

Enhancing your label design

Your design can go right to the edge of your labels. Simply select your label and then upload a pdf or use our online design tool to create yours.

The quality of the material used to make Antique White labels will not only enhance your design, it means your labels will be less likely to fade as time goes by, so they look newer for longer.

And to make sure your design looks sharp and professional with vibrant colours, we use digital photo quality printing technology.

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21 September 2017