Custom Christmas Mailing Labels

Labels made with love

Christmas is a great time for sending lots of love to your friends and family all over the world. Remember the good old days when your mailboxes were flooded with Christmas cards every year? It’s time to bring that back! Avery can help you create your own personalised labels or stickers as we have a wide selection of printable address labels, mailing labels and shipping labels, all designed to stay put on your parcels and packages. Whether you’re posting letters, small packets, mailing tubes or large boxes, there’s a label designed to fit. 

Parcel and address labels
Parcel and address labels

White Address Labels

Labels made for envelopes

For mailings large and small Avery offer a wide range of white address labels, all designed to suit a variety of envelope sizes. Whether you’re printing in black and white or adding colour, these super white labels will look sharp and smart on your letters.
All of our laser address labels feature QuickPEEL™ technology for faster application.

Parcel and address labels

White Parcel Labels

Labels made for parcels

For sending parcels, large envelopes, mailing tubes and boxes, Avery offer a special range of printable parcel labels all designed to stay securely and permanently on your packages. Whether you’re printing in black and white or adding colour, these super white labels will look sharp and smart on your parcels.
There’s plenty of choice and innovative product features available, including laser parcel labels with BlockOut® technology for completely covering what’s underneath if reusing old packaging.

Parcel and address labels

Small/Return Address Labels

Return to sender, address unknown

Adding mini return address labels to envelopes and parcels is a quick way to ensure undelivered mail is returned to the sender. We offer a range of mini inkjet and laser printer labels in a variety of small sizes with the most popular being 65 labels on a sheet but they come even smaller with 270 blank labels on a sheet, ideal for labelling those tiny items.
Also available are gold and neon labels for that special use or even for marking up files and folders.

Parcel and address labels

Clear Address & Parcel Labels

Let the colour of your envelopes shine through

For a smart, printed finish, place Avery QuickPEEL™ clear address labels on your coloured or branded envelopes. What’s more, with clear addressing labels, it looks like the text has actually been printed onto the envelope itself.

Available in a range of sizes dedicated for either laser or inkjet printers, these will ensure your letters and parcels have a sophisticated edge.

Parcel and address labels

Every Label Tells a Story

What do your labels say about your parcels and letters?

The way labels look and feel can make an impact on how a product or package is perceived. We commissioned a unique psychological study to give an in-depth understanding of what makes a successful label interesting and persuasive.

This study was aimed at small businesses but also useful around Christmas to send some special love while sending parcels and letters to your loved ones. 

Click on the link below to get inspired with the designs we have created.


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Labels made for envelopes

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Labels made for parcels

Every Label Tells A Story
See how our scientific research will help you get the best results from your label design using our free template software.
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We’ve created a report for small businesses with the key research findings that will help you sell more products and increase brand loyalty.

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