Create Custom Jam Jar Labels: A quick How-To

One of the most popular functions of our customisable white and clear polypropylene labels & stickers is as jam jar labels. The labels themselves are water-resistant and apply well to glass. Plus with a range of shapes and sizes, your different jars are covered. The polypropylene labels have a plastic-type feel which can help colourful designs really stand out. Our jar labels are a great start when deciding on your perfect label.

How can I create jam jar labels with Avery WePrint?

When creating jam jar labels, there are two specific areas you can use to advertise your brand. Either the lid of the jar or the jar itself. In fact, you could apply labels to both areas to convey different required information. Follow these steps to design your own custom jam jar labels.

Research popular designs to see what works well.

#1 Do some design research

When creating your jar labels, you should know what designs are attractive, which ones are just part of a fad and which ones would work well with your brand. Do some research on your competitors and designs that you like. Finalise the fonts, colours and patterns you'd like to include in your design.

#2 Finalise the content

With jam jar labels, there is some important information that needs to be included, such as ingredients, your logo and batch information. You also need to include the best before date to ensure your customers enjoy your product before it's too late. You might also want to include a small introduction to your company, your ethos or even a small note of thanks to your customer.

When deciding on the content, you should decide on the number of labels you'll be using. You could use the jar label as the main label with a small round label on the lid as a batch label as well as a logo sticker.

#3 Make sure your label fits!

It can be difficult to find a specific label to fit your jar. Here at Avery WePrint, our labels come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit a variety of jars. We also offer all of our labels in both matt and glossy finishes to fit the type of business you are. We've noticed our more modern designs suit the matt finish, whereas traditional jam jar labels really pop with the high quality photographic print and the gloss finish.

Hopefully this quick How To guide is the perfect start to designing your own jam jar labels. We love seeing our customers' latest designs so get started in our designer! Simply pick a label and add your own design or use one of our templates to get you started. Check out more labels for bottles & glass here. Can you think of anything else to create custom jam jar labels? Comment below and let us know!