Wedding Name Place Cards

Seating and table planning made easy!

Create your wedding name place cards easily with Avery!

Whether you need traditional tent cards or you just want small printable cards, we have the right name place cards for your event.

Using our FREE Design and Print software you can easily print your cards in minutes using our handy Mail Merge tool! Simply create an excel spreadsheet with your guest names and our mail merge tool will apply all the names to the individual cards in seconds.

All of our printable cards can be printed on both sides so you can include additional information such as menu choices or dietary requirements.  

Avery wedding name place cards

Design & Print your wedding name place cards and seating plan cards in your own home!

Avery wedding labels_table planning_ultra tabs

Easy wedding seating planning

Save time with Avery Ultra Tabs

Dreading the all important but time-consuming table planning? Well we have a quick and easy hack for you!

Using Avery Ultra Tabs you can easily create and amend your table plan! Simply write the guests name on them and slot them at the right table. Need to move people around? Not a problem, as our tabs are repositionable, so you can move them around as many times as you need!

Why not use different colours to show sides of the family, adults and children, or even dietary requirements? The tabs can also be used to tab and wedding planners and bookmark wedding magazines!