Avery Franking Videos

See how you can save time and money by franking your mail

To help you save time and money on postage for your business Avery UK have put together a couple of videos to show you how using our Franking Labels and stickers can do just that.

The below videos show you our Franking Labels range, how to frank your mail using a franking machine and the different letter sizes available when franking mail.

Avery how to franking videos
Frank your mail with Avery Franking Labels

Avery Franking Labels

Check out our range of Franking Labels

Avery Franking Labels are made from premium quality paper that gives outstanding print quality every time. QuickDRY™ feature ensures smudge free results. Our labels are compatible with leading franking machines as well as machines with or without Mailmark®.

Strong adhesion ensures the label stays stuck all through the delivery process. Outstanding print quality guarantees easy to read postage details. Brown Kraft material is made from 100% post-consumer waste. White Franking Labels are made from FSC® certified paper from responsibly managed forests.

Sorting your franked mail

How-to guide

It is important to know how to Frank your envelopes and parcels as this can save you time and money.

Avery UK have put together few important tips in this video.

Franking letter sizes

Work out the correct size before your frank your postage

It's important to understand the standard sizes you can use while sending your mails using your Franking machine.

To help you out Avery UK has put together a quick guide to franking letter sizes.

Avery franking labels