Frama Franking Machine compatibility

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We have a wide range of Franking Label and sticker sizes that are suitable for a variety of Frama (UK) Ltd machines.

Use the chart below to find out which Avery Franking Labels are compatible with your Frama franking machine

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Frank your mail with Avery Franking Labels

Frama Franking Machines Compatibility

Choose your machine below and then pick a compatible franking label:

Machine Compatible Avery Franking Labels
Accessmail / Ecomail / Mailmax / Mailspirit / Matrix F2 / F4 / F6 / Matrix F2 / F12 / F22 / Matrix F2L / Matrix F4L / F32 / Officemail / Sensonic FL08               FL18*

* Brown Kraft material

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Avery Franking Labels

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Franking FL08 Link Box

Label size: 155 x 40mm.
Colour: White

Franking FL18 Link Box

Label size: 155 x 40mm.
Colour: Brown Kraft

Frank your mail with Avery Franking Labels