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CCL Industries Inc. a world leader in specialty label and packaging solutions for global corporations, small businesses and consumers confirmed today that it has completed the acquisition of Avery Dennison's Office & Consumer Products.

It was recently announced that Avery’s parent company CCL Industries Inc. (“CCL”), had acquired Druckerei Nilles GmbH and its related subsidiaries. Nilles specialises in wine labels online - using proprietary e-commerce software and digital printing technologies.

Label Connections Ltd. is a private UK company, which under the PCL brand, designs, manufactures and markets a range of pre-die cut pressure sensitive labels in sheet form for use in the commercial print sector.

Avery UK have triumphed in the face of stiff competition at a European awards ceremony for the office supplies industry. Avery UK were the winners of the Marketing Initiative award at the prestigious European Office Products Awards (EOPA) in Amsterdam on the 4 March.

A recent Avery survey took a look at how we feel when it comes to letters verses emails. Read the full release here.

If you’re considering growing your business and feeling a mix of fear and excitement –
that’s normal according to new research from web-to-print service Avery WePrint.

Green Office Week 2017 launches today and Avery is on a mission to help UK office workers who are keen to go green.