Avery® Oval Labels

Blank Oval Labels and Printed Oval Stickers

There are two options when it comes to oval labels: 

Printable Oval Labels: choose your size, material and quantity, from 1 sheet to 10,000s, we will deliver to your door within 3 working days. Print on your inkjet or laser printer with the help of our free template. Starting at £4.80.

Custom Oval Labels: Choose your size, material and finish. Upload or create a design on our free designer. We'll print and deliver to your door within 3-5 working days. Starting at £12.

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40 x 20mm
48 Labels per sheet
40 x 30mm
32 Labels per sheet
45 x 65mm
16 Labels per sheet
50 x 37mm
21 Labels per sheet
64 x 42mm
18 Labels per sheet
90 x 136mm
4 Labels per sheet

Avery printable oval labels are great for creating stickers, gift labels, spice jar labels, product labels and even sealing party bags. We offer a wide selection of different finishes from glossy laser and inkjet labels to Kraft and chalkboard labels for a unique look for labelling your products and gifts.

With our free template software, Avery Design & Print you can create and print your messages quickly and easily using pre-designed templates or simply create your own.

Oval sticker dimensions

We offer 6 sizes of blank printable oval labels in the most common dimensions from large to small. If you can't find the size you need there you can use our custom print service and choose a bespoke size for a little extra cost. Not sure what the correct dimensions are for your needs? Use our size guide and oval label print outs.  Please remember that our site works in mm so convert anything you measure in cm or inches into mm. 

Avery oval sticker template

If you're printing oval stickers yourself you'll need a template that you can edit and use to print, this is helpful for both complex and simple designs. Each size of oval sticker has a different template. You can find the right template for your labels by checking the sheet that came with them. On there is a template number, once you have this you just need to enter it into our design software, select the template, upload or create the design for the labels and follow the print instructions. The benefit of using a template is that it ensures your stickers print properly with all the text and images in the right place. 

What works well for oval sticker design

When it comes to designing your stickers it can be tricky to know what looks good or not especially with a stranger shape such as oval. Take a look at the images above for design inspiration. Specific things to look out for with oval labels is to fill the space. If you're placing text in the middle, use a bold font, strong patterned background or border, this stops the label from feeling empty.  

Avery Design and Print Template Software

Our free software includes all sorts of creative tools to help you design and print your Avery products, perfectly, every time.

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