How to Choose the Correct Industrial Label Size

Options and instructions to help you find you correct label fit

If you're unsure of the exact label or sticker size which is required for your item, we have a range of options which may help you to find the correct fit. If you're trying to find which size label to fit on your container, chemical container, test tubes or within your warehouse. 

Printable Ruler

Option 1: Printable Ruler

Use this handy ruler to measure the space where your label will be applied. This is handy for rounded surfaces where a normal ruler will not bend.

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Option 2: Printable Label Shapes & Sizes

Print these popular label shapes to help you find the perfect size label for your product or labelling solution. 

Round size guide
Square size guide
Rectangle Label Size Guide Avery Print out
Oval Label Sizes

Option 3: Wrap & Cut Method

You'll need the item to label, a pen or pencil, blank or graph paper, a ruler and scissors. 

Image which shows how to apply label 1 of 4

Wrap the paper around your container, mark where you want the label edges to be.

How to measure for labels how to, image 2, cut around the marked corners

Use scissors to cut the paper along the edges which you marked out.

How to image - Wap your cut out size around your product and trim until you get you desired fit

Wrap your paper around your container, trim until you're happy with the fit of the label on your product

How to image 4 - Lay your paper on a flat surface and measure your final size

Lay your paper on a flat surface to measure your final label size.

Once you've determined the size of your label, order directly through our website. If you require a custom size or shape please do get in touch with our customer services team.

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