FSC® Labels

Help to protect the environment

Products carrying the FSC® label are independently certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® to assure consumers that they come from forests that are well managed to meet the economic and ecological needs of present and future generations and can be traced back to the original source of the tree. We offer a range of FSC certified products ranging from addressing labels to indexing products, noting that we are helping organisations like the FSC to make a difference and stop deforestation. Look out for the FSC ‘tick tree’ logo on our packaging.

FSC Labels Hero

Mini Address Labels L7651-10

38.1 x 21.2 mm
Address Labels L7159-10 Content: 240 Labels / 10 Sheet

Address Labels L7159-10

63.5 x 33.9 mm
240 Labels / 10 Sheet
B/W Laser, Colour Laser
Wraparound Labels L7202-40 Content: 280 Labels / 40 Labels

Wraparound Labels L7202-40

192 x 38 mm
280 Labels / 40 Labels
Wraparound Labels L7200-40 Content: 160 Labels / 40 Labels

Wraparound Labels L7200-40

200 x 60 mm
160 Labels / 40 Labels
BlockOut™ Parcel Labels L7169B-100

BlockOut™ Parcel Labels L7169B-100

139 x 99.1 mm
BlockOut™ Parcel Labels L7168B-100 Content: 200 Labels / 100 Labels

BlockOut™ Parcel Labels L7168B-100

199.6 x 143.5 mm
200 Labels / 100 Labels
Colour Laser, B/W Laser, Laser
BlockOut™ Parcel Labels L7167B-100 Content: 100 Labels / 100 Sheet

BlockOut™ Parcel Labels L7167B-100

199.6 x 289.1 mm
100 Labels / 100 Sheet
Laser, Colour Laser, B/W Laser
BlockOut™ Parcel Labels L7166B-100

BlockOut™ Parcel Labels L7166B-100

99.1 x 93.1 mm
B/W Laser, Colour Laser, Laser