Using Avery Resistant Labels in the Office

Tough labels to keep your office organised

Offices easily descend into chaos with people taking stuff and not returning it, storage areas that overflow and expensive office equipment that needs to be kept track of.

Paper labels quickly wear, look tatty and become unreadable.

Avery offers a range of custom stickers and Resistant Labels that are tough and ideal for helping keep your office organised.

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Resistant labels
Avery Resistant Labels

Bathrooms and Kitchens:

Bathrooms and kitchens are challenging environments, with hot surfaces and moisture, paper labels quickly deteriorate. Here are a few ideas:

  • Dishwasher schedule. Which teams reasonability is it to empty Monday to Friday
  • Caution “Hot Surface” label on that new, metal kettle and toaster
  • Polite notice to take your lunch home from the refrigerator
  • Tea, coffee and sugar containers
  • Flasks – tired of guessing which is the tea or coffee?
  • “Please replace toweling / paper when finished” notices
Avery Resistant Labels


Keeping cupboards organized can seem like a never ending job, with people not returning items to the correct place.

Why not label the shelves so at least there’s no excuse why items weren’t put back where they belong.

Avery Resistant Labels

Storage Area / Small Warehouse:

Shelving labels get scratched when items are taken in and out of storage and who knows what’s in that black box from the trade show last year.

Avery Resistant labels resist scuffing and rough handling, making them perfect for storage areas and containers.

Avery Resistant Labels

Office Equipment:

Between laptops, printers and monitors businesses have a lot of valuable assets to keep track of.

With silver labels and Avery Design and Print software it’s easy to professionally identify your company’s assets.

Avery Resistant Labels


Do you need to reserve a parking or highlight that bollard people keep bumping into?

Resistant labels are waterproof and UV resistant so work well outdoors.

Resistant labels

Extra strong labels for indoor and outdoor use

ultra-resistant labels

For times when strength and durability is required

white resistant labels

Extra strong labels for indoor and outdoor use