Rectangle Stickers and Security Seals

Are you looking for a rectangle label for your product or everyday use? Completely customise your own with us, find our rectangle labels. In this article, we’re going to explain how to find the right the size for your rectangle stickers. We’ll take a look at how to use the new elongated rectangle sizes, which have been introduced in response to customer demand for security stickers. We’ll also take a look at the full range of materials available for Avery WePrint labels.

How to find Rectangle Labels in the right Size

Size-wise, rectangular stickers offer a vast choice. At Avery WePrint, they go all the way from very small (38mm x 21mm) right up to A5 (210mm x 148mm) and A4 (297mm x 210mm). There are 20 different sizes to choose from in our range of rectangular stickers.

Whether you’re labelling bottles and jars, or other types of packaging, for business or for personal use, it’s really important to order the right size labels. You need to know how much surface area of your container needs to be covered, and what messages and designs will go on your labels.

If you’re running a business, you may also need to consider branding, attention-grabbing designs and product information. For personal use, you might be looking at a special greeting as well as information on what’s inside.

To make sure you get the right size labels, we always recommend carefully measuring the area surface area. If it’s a curved area, such as the side of a bottle, jar, tub or other cylindrical container, try using a piece of string on the rounded surface. Or, for a really accurate measurement, use a tailor’s tape measure.

If you’re buying your jars, bottles or containers, they’re likely to be sold by capacity, rather than size. Sometimes the height and diameter are given, but these dimensions are not helpful in determining the correct label size.

New Rectangle Sticker Sizes

We’ve developed this new elongated rectangular shape for stickers in response to customers wanting to create lid seals from Avery labels. The new sticker sizes are:

  • 45mm x 12mm
  • 90mm x 15mm
  • 190mm x 18mm
  • 125mm x 35mm

These are long, thin rectangular shapes that are like short strips.

The good news is that these new rectangular labels are available in all six Avery WePrint label materials. This means that whatever material you choose for the labels on your containers or packaging, you can create a lid seal to match.


Why you may need Lid Seals

Lid seals are also known as ‘tamper evident seals’ or ‘tamper seals’. They help prevent any tampering with a product by making it impossible to do so without breaking the seal.

Lid seals give people the security of knowing that the container or packaging has not been opened since the product or gift was placed inside. So whether you’re selling products or creating gifts, this can be a valuable and professional addition.

These long, thin rectangular stickers are commonly used on jars, bottles and containers with lids, but can also be used on other types of packaging including boxes, envelopes and bags.

Placed vertically, from the lid down the side of container, these stickers make it impossible to open the lid or packaging without breaking or dislodging the sticker. You can use them on other types of packaging too, placing them over an opening.

Sometimes lid seals and security stickers have the words printed on them such as ‘security seal’.

For a really neat finish on jars and tubs, we recommend placing a circular personalised sticker on top the lid, to cover the top end of the lid seal.

To create a tamper seal for other types of packaging, do ensure that the maximum area of the label is affixed either side of the top opening, flap or fold.

You can, of course, use any shape sticker for security purposes. Personalised stickers are often used to keep the top and side of a box together, to secure the flap of an envelope, or to fold over the top of a small paper or plastic bag and hold it in place.

Rectangle Sticker Materials

One big advantage of rectangular stickers is that all six of the Avery We Print high quality label materials are available in every size. Here’s a brief guide to the uses and advantages of the different sticker materials.

  • Paper stickers – Choose a natural, matt or gloss finish. These work well for a wide range of purposes and can be placed directly onto non-fatty foods.
  • Plastic stickers – Water resistant labels that come in a white film. Easy to apply on flat surfaces, they also work well for beauty products.
  • Textured Paper stickers– Perfect for making drinks bottles look more distinctive, textured paper is water resistant and has an off-white antique look.
  • Brown Kraft Paper stickers – Ideal for a rustic, eco-friendly or homemade look, this material is 100% recycled.
  • Clear stickers – Transparent, water resistant material, using a unique technique to underprint designs in white to make the colours more vibrant.
  • Waterproof stickers – This industrial-grade material meets the highest international standards for immersion in water, as well as exposure to extreme temperatures and chemicals.





How to get started


Simply follow this link to our Rectangle Labels page . Good luck!