​How to Steal the Show at the Summer Fete

Are you planning to run a stall at any fetes, fairs or shows this summer? If so, it’s well worth spending time beforehand to make sure your stall attracts plenty of customers, whether you’re raising money for charity or running a small business.

If your stall is raising funds, you might well be sharing it with other people. By preparing well in advance, you can make sure everyone is agreed on the best ways to make your stall stand out.


If your stall is for business, you’ll definitely want to achieve a professional, consistent look to make a good impression and encourage people to buy. This also requires some preparation in advance.

Here are our ideas to help you keep your stall busy at fetes and fairs this summer. We hope you find them useful.


Encourage people to try your products

Whether you’re selling baked goods, homemade drinks, preserves, pickles or beauty products and candles, your products are unique. The best way to show how special they are is to give small samples or demonstrations throughout the event.

Tasting and demonstrating not only encourages sales, it also helps create a buzz at your stall and keeps people around for longer – people always attract more people! And don’t forget to keep products for sale close to the samples.

Asking people “Would you like to try?” or “Would you like to see how this works?” is always a great way to start a conversation when they’re browsing your stall.

If you’re selling beauty products or candles, encourage them to smell them. It may even be worth having some of the ingredients that went into them on the stall, such as fresh lavender.

There are several different ways to manage tastings using small disposable spoons or pieces of bread or cracker. Whichever you choose, it’s always good to have some handy wipes and a bin nearby.

Do let people pick up your jars and feel the products. If you’re using Avery WePrint labels and stickers made from plastic, clear or textured materials, for example, there’s a good chance they’ll want to touch and feel the labels (more tips on labeling further on).


Let your products do the talking

Clear bottles and jars or clear containers usually have the most impact because they let people see exactly what’s inside.

Your custom labelling should explain what the product is and you can also use customised cards to give information about the product if you can’t fit it all on the label. This is particularly useful if you’re running a busy stall and can’t speak to everyone at once.

You can explain about the ingredients and processes that have gone into your products, or give information about the cause you’re raising funds for on custom printed cards.


Protect your products from the elements

You will need to stop your products from spoiling if you’re fete is outside and you’re lucky enough to have a good weather on the day. This can be true for beauty products and candles as well as food.

While some goods will just need shade, others may need coolers or ice, so you’ll need a plan to keep the ice topped up and your products cool.

It’s also wise to have a gazebo or some shelter ready in case of rain. You should also make sure that gusts of wind can’t destroy your stall.


Look like a pro

When it comes to selling products, the jars, bottles or containers that you choose and the labels you place on them are crucial. For professional quality custom printed labels available in small amounts, check out Avery WePrint labels as they’re designed to withstand fading, peeling and tears or scratches.

Studies show that labels with images on them perform better than plain text. You can use a logo, a picture with text, or create a design using the Avery WePrint online design tool. And you can print right to the edge.

Clear and Textured Paper labels have extra durability. They’re also water resistant, as are plastic labels, making them ideal for drinks and beauty products.

If you’re selling to the public, do make sure you know about the labelling rules for your product. You may need an extra label on the back for the required product information.

For pricing, get small tent cards printed with a matching design that you can write on.

And if you’re running a business, don’t forget to have plenty of business cards on hand so anyone who’s interested in your products knows how to contact you.


Keep smiling!

It might take a coffee or two, but if you can stay upbeat and friendly all day, you’ll make a great impression. The aim is to make sure as many people as possible leave your stall with a smile on their face and at least one of your products.

Don’t worry if you’re not a natural extrovert, you can recruit friends who are. Alternatively, focus on asking people to sample the products, or find out what they like and why.

Running a stall for a whole day can be exhausting, so if you’re on your own, get backup. You’ll need a break or two so you can recharge your batteries, check out the other stalls, and come back refreshed, smiling and ready for more.

Remember that no matter how appealing you make your stall look with tablecloths, bunting or posters, the biggest attractions will always be the people behind the stall, the products on sale and a constant stream of people taking an interest in your products.