Avery Freezer Labels

Tips for saving Christmas Leftovers

Christmas always means leftover food, so why not freeze your leftovers this Christmas and label them with Avery Freezer personalised Labels and custom stickers.

Pre-printed with modern designs, these freezer labels are easy to use, can be printed or handwritten upon, and can be removed easily leaving no residue! perfect for labelling plastic and glass containers.

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Avery Freezer Labels

We’re almost at the end of another year… and that means Christmas! Family, movies, friends, shopping, and of course, food!

Whether you are hosting a Christmas meal for your friends or family, there are always a lot of preparations which take place.

Probably the most important of which is the menu; including going to the supermarket to buy fresh and tasty ingredients. 

Avery Freezer labels

If you are anything like us at Avery, you would rather cook a little bit more so you have leftovers for another day! Especially if you want to spend time with your loved ones rather than in the kitchen!

To store your leftover food in a nice and easy way, Avery Freezer Labels are perfect for you. Pre-printed with modern designs, these labels are perfect for labelling plastic and glass containers. What’s more – they leave no sticky residue when removed!

So why not enjoy Christmas – and your leftovers – a little more this year, with Avery Freezer Labels!

Avery Freezer Labels:

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Freezer labels 60-126
64 x 44 mm