18 Creative, Boredom-Busting Half Term Activities for Families

How to keep your kids entertained and bond with them

What does it mean when your kids say they’re bored? According to experts it could be that they’re being a little lazy, they need more challenging activities, or it’s kid-code for wanting to spend more time with you. In the last case, family activities are the perfect solution to entertain your kids and make more time for bonding.

This list has been created by parents for parents. Whether you need a great family activity for spending quality time together… or just activities for challenging the kids and getting some quiet time. Make cheerful DIY games using bright printable postcards and color-coding stickers. Colourful school and/or office supplies are awesome for crafting.

Half Term Activities

Browse different activities by interests, hobbies, and purpose

Games and toys for family activity night

1) Treasure hunt

Create a series of clues or riddles and hide them in safe spots around your home and/or garden. Leave a prize (or a coupon for a special reward) at the end of the trail.

2) Kinetic sandbox

Kinetic sand has all the sensory play benefits of regular sand without the mess! You can just buy some and dump it a shallow tray, or if you’re feeling ambitious try making DIY kinetic sand with your kids.

3) Twisted fingers game

Make your own mini game based on classic Twister®. Use simple colour-coding stickers to recreate a tiny version of the famous game.

Family activities for performing arts lovers

4) Learn a dance

Let your kids pick out a dance from their favourite music video or dancer. Find a tutorial online and learn it together for a healthy family activity that gets you moving.

5) Lip sync battle

Perfect for performers at heart, even if their singing belongs more in the shower than on a stage. Encourage costumes and pick judges to award points for each performance.

6) DJ of the day

Get the whole family involved in taking turns making playlists for various family activities, such as pump up songs for household cleaning soothing songs for wind-down time before bed. You can draw lots on whose playlists gets played for the day.

Crafty family activities that will entertain the kids for hours

7) Family art show

Get the kids to “curate” their own artwork, asking them to pick out their favourites. Create a “gallery” for the whole family to view and print your own achievement Certificates to award to the artists.

8) Creative cards

Making Cards with your kids is an awesome family activity. You can go simple and just make greeting cards to give to friends and family or make cards to send a smile to people in your community.

A fun card idea for the dads!

9) Friendship bracelets

Etsy is a great resource for cute friendship bracelet kits (complete with instructions) for kids. They’re super fun for exchanging with friends and easy enough to mail in a regular envelope.

10) DIY t- shirts/ pillows

Did you know you we have Textile Transfers that mean you can personalise a pillow/ t-shirt. Using our FREE Design and Print software you can help family create a design

Why not try a personalised family tree pillow?

Fun family activities you can do in the kitchen

11) Learn a new recipe

Cooking is one of the best family activities for bonding. The sense memories of delicious smells and interesting textures like kneading bread dough will stick with your kids forever.

12) Homemade ice pops

The beauty of this family activity is that you can make your ice pops with almost any beverage. Iced coffee for mom, fruit juice, lemonade, chocolate milk—the sky’s the limit! If you need to label the container with dates try our Freezer labels

13) Grow something to eat

Growing your own food is a very rewarding and educational family activity. Herb gardens and tomatoes are easy for kids to grow inside. If you have space for an outdoor kitchen garden try some of the easiest vegetables to grow from seeds.

For those who have a "green thumb"

Outdoor family activities the kids will love

14) Fairy garden

Encourage kids to set up flowers, painted rocks, pebbles, twigs, small toys/miniature furniture, etc. in order to attract “fairies.” Parents can get in on the fun and help fairies add things to the garden when the kids aren’t looking.

15) Nature museum

Have the kids spend a few days collecting interesting things from nature and setting up a display. When their “museum” is ready let them give you a tour.

16) Picnic lunch

Ideal to do as a family activity or just to give kids a much-needed screen break during school days. Simply pack up lunch, grab a blanket and head out to the garden..

Family activities that build community

17) Family kindness jar

Set out a jar, blank business cards and markers or pens in a common area. Start each day with asking everyone to write down a compliment for a family member and drop it in the jar. End each day by picking a card to read out loud to the family.

18) Senior pen pals

Contact a local senior home and ask if your kids can send cards and letters. This is a lovely family activity to help your kids connect with older generations and help combat loneliness in your local community.

“The family that plays together, stays together.” It’s a platitude with a lot of truth. Family activities that challenge kids, help them learn new things and give them more quality time with you make your family stronger.

What’s your favourite boredom-busting family activity? Did it make our list?