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Decorative Glass Stickers, Inkjet, 210.0 x 297.0 mm

Product Number: MD3002 - Software Code: MD3002
Avery glass film sticks without adhesive and is easily removable at any time. The high quality delivers vivid colours on both sides. So why not try it yourself and see how quickly and easy it is to create and print your own unique designs, them simply apply to the glass item of your choice. Ideal for Candle holders, windows and drinking glasses.

These bottle badges can be so much fun. The high-quality bottle transfer can give any bottle a personal touch. Use on any type of glass bottle or glass jar to provide custom messages and unique decorations.

This bottle badges are perfect to give someone that special wedding or birthday gift. Make a 18th, 21st, 30th, etc birthday present extra special by using this bottle label to provide a special message.

Not only can this label be used for bottles, but can he used for any sort of glass or plastic container, whether that is jam jars or food containers. This label is perfect for labelling products and organisation of you bottles and jars. It makes bottles look more attractive and looks good when you store your products in wine racks.

Desired layout on the PC design, print and for example affixed to furniture or doors. Since the decorative films adhere without glue, they are always easily separable. Prerequisite for the application is an Inkjet printer and a smooth surface of the substrate.

Avery's free online templates and step-by-step instructions will help make these decorative transfers easy to use and print, it is so simple to create your own furniture and express your ideas.

  • Avery printable glass transfer allow you to decorate your home the way you want it
  • Use free software and templates on the Avery website to create and print your designs
  • These clever labels are adhesive free so they can be removed or repositioned without damanging any surface
  • The high quality finish means that colours and designs are bold and bright on both sides of the glass
  • Ideal for windows, glasses, cnadles, lanterns
Product Description:
  • Ideal for: window decoration, candles
  • Dimensions: 210.0 x 297.0 mm
  • Colour: clear
  • Made from: Polyester
  • Format: A4
  • Printer type: Inkjet
  • Adhesive Type: removable
  • 1 per sheet
  • Sheets/pack: 4
  • 4 per pack
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