7 questions to ask when doing a declutter

A handy checklist for your next spring clean

You can’t beat the feeling of having a big clear out of your home or office. Not only will everything look a lot better but it makes items much easier to find.
As you approach each room and find items to sort through you should ask yourself the following questions. It sounds cheesy but the phrase “does it spark joy?” is often discussed when it comes to decluttering and it makes sense that if it doesn’t mean anything to you then why are you keeping it.

Idea 7 Declutter Questions
Idea 7 Declutter Questions 1

1. Have I used this item in the last year?

2. Would I buy this again if I was shopping now?

3. Am I just keeping it because it’s sentimental to me?

4. Do I have something similar that does the same job?

Idea 7 Declutter Questions 2

5. What plans do I have to use this again in the future?

6. Is it something that needs fixing?

7. Why do I have this?

We’ve got lots of hints and tips for being more organised around the home on our ‘Organise your Life’ section. You can download free label templates to help you get started and advice for decluttering each room.

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