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Print vibrant colours on clear labels

Are you looking for an elegant label that takes up as little space as possible?
Clear labels are the best solution to this problem.

Smoothie clear labels

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Made of clear film, they are see-through and therefore offer the most visibility out of all the Avery WePrint range, with an almost printed-on look.

That isn’t their only value, these labels are incredibly durable. They are water-resistant, and can withstand strong weather and UV rays. If you want to display your true product inside its packaging, these stickers are perfect for the job. They are most commonly used in the food and health & beauty industries, but they have many other applications, including promotional stickers and brand awareness.

White Underprint

The usual problem when printing on clear material is that colours can appear washed out and transparent. Well, there is no need to worry. Thanks to our white underprint technology, you won’t see any more dull colours on your stickers. As the name might imply, this technique layers white ink underneath your design. While this sounds like a very simple addition, it makes a huge difference when it comes to clear labels: without it, colours printed on the label would be semi-transparent and translucent.

Adding a layer underneath it gives your design an opaque base that allows for the colours to truly pop out, while the white does not affect the shades you chose for your labels. Great improvement with no drawbacks at all! It also gives your stickers additional sharpness, leading to high-quality printing.

Marmalade label

Printing any colour

Our white underprint technique doesn’t affect our ability to print any colour you would want on your labels; that includes, of course, white. However, please be aware that this means your design must have a clear background, as any white in it will show as white when printing. When you’re designing your labels, look out for a chequered pattern in the WePrint design tool: it represents a clear background; if you see white (or any other colour) hiding the pattern, that means your labels will not be transparent, but, rather, have a coloured background.

If you are uploading your own file, please make sure your PDF or image has a clear background. If the chequerboard pattern is visible after you uploaded your design, your labels will have a transparent background.

Clear labels design

Cookie label design on a transparent label

Vibrant colours for a professional look

At Avery, we want all the products we print to look professional and polished, and these Clear Labels are no exception. After printing, the varnish on top adds a protective layer, making them even more durable, and giving them a matt or gloss finish, which one you want is completely up to you!

These labels are sure to give your business a boost with their vibrant colours and great print quality. Whatever you would like to use them for, you can rest assured they will meet your expectations, and even surpass them!

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5 September 2017