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White Plastic Labels and Stickers

Are you looking for a waterproof and durable material?
Take a look at our plastic labels.

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Start your labels

Do you need a material that’s durable, flexible and resistant to oil and water?
Whether you’re looking for custom sticker printing for homemade products, a small business, or charity fundraising, your containers and packaging need to make the right impression.
So we thought you’d like to know all about the special label and sticker material we call ‘White Plastic’ made from recyclable polypropylene.

Of course, you can create impressive looking, long lasting labels in any Avery WePrint material – Paper, Textured Paper, Brown Kraft Paper, Clear and Waterproof. Each material has its own unique benefits and uses.

Plastic labels and plastic stickers are ideal for all kinds of retail, bottling and packaging uses. This is because they’re durable, easy to apply and water and oil resistant.

In fact, you’ll find a lot of polypropylene labels and stickers used for beauty and cosmetic products, soap and candles, as well as food, jams, preserves and drinks.

About Polypropylene

Polypropylene is one of the most versatile types of plastic. The material we use for Avery WePrint White Plastic labels is also recyclable.
Discovered by scientists in the 1950s, polypropylene has important qualities, such as elasticity, strength, chemical resistance and the ability to keep its shape. It has many industrial and domestic uses, ranging from clothes to car batteries!

Why choose plastic labels and stickers?

Long Lasting

We understand how important it is for labels to be long lasting. They need to shine – not just when you first apply them, but potentially for weeks, months and even years into the future! Our ‘White Plastic’ material will help them do just that!


Transportation and storage conditions are not always under your control and can often be far from ideal. What if your products get bumped around and handled roughly in transit? You need a label material that will resist any bumps, scrapes.


Is there a possibility your products may be kept in a cold, damp storeroom or a warm, wet bathroom? Will they encounter cleaning chemicals? Or will they be on display in full sun? All these environments can all take a toll on other types of packaging and labelling materials
If you need labels or stickers that can be wiped and cleaned, and that can withstand knocks, bumps, sunlight and temperature variations, Avery WePrint White Plastic labels and stickers have been developed to protect against fading, slipping, peeling and scuffing.
To achieve this, we focus on the quality of the printing process and adhesive, as well as the plastic material we use. Protective varnish is also applied to White Plastic labels to add protection against UV light.

Plastic labels and stickers are versatile

White Plastic labels and stickers can have a matt or gloss finish. Like all Avery WePrint labels, they’re are printed using photo quality digital printing and will stick to any kind of smooth surface, including glass, plastic and cardboard. Being made from a thin film, White Plastic labels are very flexible and slightly stretchy. This means they can easily conform to rounded surfaces.
Given their resistance to water, White Plastic labels are especially suited to drinks and beauty products that may be kept in a damp place. They also work well for oil-based products such as cosmetics and beauty creams, or cooking oils, salad dressings and sauces.
If you’re creating labels for a rounded surface with a thin diameter, such as lip balm or sample bottles, White Plastic labels have the flexibility to go round a small object.
For drinks bottles that may spend hours submerged in ice buckets and water, however, you may find the Waterproof labels more suited to your needs.

Olive Oil labels by Avery WePrint

Choosing and Design your plastic Labels

First, carefully measure the surface area, so you can select the shape and size you need. When measuring a curved surface, it’s best to use a piece of string or a tailor’s tape measure.
White Plastic labels are available in all six Avery WePrint label shapes – rectangle, round, square, oval, plaque and straight oval.
You’ll also find that White Plastic labels are available in the full range of Avery WePrint label and sticker sizes. There’s a wide choice, with 20 different sizes for rectangle labels, for example, so you’re sure to find the right size White Plastic labels for your packaging.
To design your White Plastic labels, click on a green ‘Start designing’ button to open the online design tool. This tool helps you create or upload the artwork for your labels.
To start, you need to choose one of three options:

  1. Use a blank template (with the option to upload images)
  2. Choose a ready-made label template and adjust it for your own label design, or
  3. Upload finished artwork for your labels as a PDF.

The online design tool automatically sets up the artwork for the exact shape and size of label that you’ve chosen, with guidelines to ensure that your design and all the design elements are in the right place. There’s a wide choice of typefaces and options, so you can add text, shapes and coloured backgrounds.
You can design your White Plastic stickers to be printed right to the edge, so there’s no white border to spoil your design.
If you’re running a small business, check out our research on product labelling – it’ll help get your products noticed and increase their shelf appeal.
Click here to see our research.

Applying White Plastic Labels

Make sure the surface area is clean, dry and not greasy or oily. It should be at room temperature.
The adhesive we use on White Plastic labels has a lower ‘initial tack’ which means you can re-position your labels when you’re applying them. Allow around 24 hours for the label adhesive to stick fully.
It’s important to get your labels straight and this may take a bit of practice at first. If your jars, containers or bottles are going on display, every label needs to be in the same position.
One way to do this is to get one of your items labelled correctly, and then use it as a guide for positioning the others. Alternatively, you might find it helpful to secure a piece of paper or wood to your work surface with the label position marked on it.
When it comes to placing labels on a curved surface, you need to start from the flat side and then smooth the label over the curve. If there’s a seam on your bottle or jar, this can be a useful guide (don’t try to place the label over the seam).
Remember that labels cannot go over ridges or bumps. Round containers such as jars and bottles also need to have straight rather than tapered sides.

How to get started

Are you ready to start creating your own White Plastic labels or stickers?
Please go to our Plastic Labels & Stickers page

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29 November 2018