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Which label is perfect for your London Luxury Candle Jar?

We’re collaborating with amazing London Luxury Candle Supplies selling a huge range of classy candle and diffuser jars. But which Avery label best suits your London jar and meets all your expectations? Let’s talk about your glassware:

1. Large Vogue: Black Matt

This classic candle jar has approx. 390ml wax volume, if you’re looking for a label you can wipe but isn’t fully waterproof then look at any of our papers: brown Kraft label, cream textured paper, paper, recycled paper and removable paper. All are premium.

If you would like a fully waterproof material then our waterproof, clear and plastic are ideal. These are fab materials for candles in a bathroom or a damp space/kitchen.

Our top label suggestion: Take a look at our brown Kraft paper. This material will give your candles an organic hipster look which is 100% recycled paper and biodegradable!

2. Large Vogue: Pearl Pink

FABULOUS PINK! A big 390ml volume jar melted wax which is sleek, glossy and easy to apply labels too. If you want an ultra-glossy look add a gloss Avery label. If you’d like a matt or natural finish pick from our range.

If you’re looking for a big square label we suggest 70 x 70mm, for a medium square look at 50 x 50mm. For label materials take a look at our paper range for a biodegradable choice including: brown Kraft paper and recycled paper.

Our top label suggestion: Take a look at our cream textured labels, similar to wine bottle labels this is a premium paper great for an expensive or special candle.

3. Vogue Large: Iconic Gold

GOLD! If pink isn’t your thing, how about gold? This gold is bright and reflective so consider a clear label to let your gold candle shines through. Our clear is waterproof, permanent and easy to apply. Black is a great contrast to gold, if you’re thinking of a coloured label then any paper materials will suit you especially the regular paper.

Our top label suggestion: If you use a clear label make sure your image background is transparent so you don’t get a white background.

4. Picasso (380ml) – Gloss White

A luxury white cubism candle jar, this is unusual glassware perfect for a special gift. Long thin labels fit this jar well and we would recommend 70mm x 20mm. If you’d like to give you label a silver shine then order our silver material (gold coming).

Take a look at our paper range especially our regular paper with a matt finish to achieve results similar to above. If you’d like to bring a bright gloss then opt for our gloss coating. Our waterproof material is perfect for a quality finish, this candle could then

Our top label suggestion: Be careful and measure your jar before you pick your size, the label is only small so keep the design simple.

5. Rockstud: Iconic Gold

Inspired by Valentino and designed in Australia, this jar requires a small label to fit between and sometimes over these iconic studs.

Measure the space you have available and design around this, we would suggest a long and thin label as above with a simple design. For example 70mm x 15mm

Our top label suggestion: As the jar has a bumpy texture we would recommend a strong adhesive and apply gently. Look at our waterproof, clear and plastic materials as these are strongest.

6. Raindrop Geo - Silver

This is a beautiful big candle jar with a raised surface causes a label to be bumpy to touch however if you apply gently and a label with a strong adhesive then a pleasing results can be found.

For a medium square label we would recommend a 60mm x 60mm, if you’d like a larger label then consider 70mm x 70mm.

Our top label suggestion: Think about the finishing coating. Would you like a shiny label to match the shiny jar or a contrasting matt.

7. Large Geo (500ML) – Smoked Grey

You may think this jar is difficult to label but if you apply your label gently and with care your candles will look professional and premium!

Easily apply our paper materials or vinyl to the surface, you will find our labels come off their A4 sheets perfectly making them quick to label.

Our top label suggestion: Make your candle standout and look at our metallic materials including silver (gold coming). Perhaps your logo or candle favour could be bright.

As you can see there are endless possibilities and combinations while choosing the perfect label and glassware. We all can give you suggestions but in the end the perfect combo should represent you and what kind of business you are. Thanks to many people who kindly decided to share their images with London Luxury Candle Supplies as without them, we wouldn’t be able to show so many wonderful and different small businesses.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading the article and if you have any more questions, London Luxury as well as Avery WePrint are more than happy to answer them right away :)

21 October 2019