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Treasure your children's artwork

Do you children bring home endless pieces of artwork? From drawings to paintings how do you store all the masterpieces they create throughout their school life? Sarah used the Avery WePrint service to create a personalised binder to store her favourite designs and has shared her story.

My children, 6 and 4, bring home their latest work of art every day from school. I have worked out this equates to 760 pictures over 3 years. As a consequence, my walls are a little overwhelmed… and there’s only so many handprint paintings I can appreciate. Now they are getting older (and their drawings slightly better!) I felt it was time to take the various mark-making attempts from their nursery days off the walls and put them away to look at when they are older. But I didn’t want to just confine them to the loft; I still wanted to be able to look at their drawings.

It occurred to me that most of the paintings were created on A4 paper, and so they would fit into a ring binder. Avery WePrint offer various sizes of ring binder, all of which you can personalise with your own design. So I selected a few of my favourite pieces and scanned them and then uploaded them into the WePrint Design Canvas to create my art folder:

Once I had previewed and approved my design, it took just two days for my binder to arrive! The finish is really smart – with a professional glossy coating. The colours were really vibrant and the pictures clear and bright. My children were completely gobsmacked when they saw their drawings printed on a folder… it pretty much blew their mind! And best of all, I now have clear walls to start putting up their latest creations.

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31 March 2017