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Top Rebranding Tips for your Business

Beginning the rebranding process can be difficult. Where do you start? Do you look at creatives or decide where you want your company to go? Use our tips to get your rebranding process started the right way.

#1 Give your brand a story

Find out what makes your product resonate with your audience. Has your product helped people in difficult situations? If you can create a story about your brand, it makes it more memorable to consumers, especially if they can relate to the story.

#2 Don’t Compromise on Brand Equity

Customers often equate a steady brand with reliability. If your business is changing its visual brand identity for the first time in a while, be aware that consumers may not appreciate a big change to product packaging and overall design.

Keep your brand consistent in every medium - a good example is through skins

#3 Streamline Your Identity

It can be easy for your corporate identity to be diluted or lost during years of operation. Rebranding can help you refine and streamline your brand identity. It can help you to focus on what your actual brand is about – including your services, perceptions of your brand and how you help your customers.

#4 Don’t Overthink It

The worst part of a rebranding process is overthinking the choices you’re making. Your brand should simply specify who you are and the services you provide. A rebrand should focus on introducing the new branding in an innovative way. If you overthink it, it can lead to stale boring new branding – not what you need when you’re trying to reintroduce your brand.

#5 Don’t Rebrand if you’re just changing the name

Rebranding is more than just changing your company name. It includes refining and updating the corporate identity, your messages to external stakeholders and customers as well as redefining your purpose.

#6 Don’t be reckless

Ensure you don’t lose the essence of your brand. It can be tempting to strip your brand down to the bare bones, but ensure you understand what actually works. Rebranding is about refining your brand – not stripping it back.

Have you got any more rebranding tips? Comment below and let us know.

19 October 2015