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The Power of using Emotion in your Label Design

Approximately 11 million sensory neurons fire around the brain every second, but only 40 of these travel through conscious pathways. There is much more that goes on in the mind of your consumers than you might first think, and not all of it is conscious. This means you need to work hard to make sure your handmade products are seen and stand out amongst others.

Avery UK completed a scientific study into label design and this revealed the importance of using emotion when designing labels for your handmade products and packages. This makes complete sense when you realise that most of our decisions are made emotionally and then we try and back these decisions up with rational information.

Think about some of the most successful and memorable adverts you see and how they use emotion. For example, John Lewis Christmas adverts always play on emotions, whether that’s a happy or sad one.In our experiments, we tested labels which included emotive images and texts versus those without emotion.

Here are some of the important findings which you should consider when you next create and print labels for your handmade products.

  1. An emotional image made people spend 13% more time than average looking at the product label.
  2. An emotional word on product labels increased looking duration by 10%, compared to the average.
  3. In the ‘shopping’ experiment, a label of a smiley face made people respond more automatically when choosing the product - their response times also quickened by 290ms.
  4. A cake label which simply had a small image and the text ‘Pure joy inside’ was very effective at improving engagement for a parcel. It increased the probability of loving the parcel by 264%, and people were 173ms quicker (i.e. more automatic) in loving it.
  5. Compared to average, an emoji made people 14% more likely to look at an envelope’s label at all, and increased duration of looking by 6%.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you completely need to re-think your entire branding. Subtle changes can make a big difference when it comes to adding more emotion into your label design. Think about the kinds of emotive images and icons you could include within your design, such as a heart or smiling face, and emotional words built into the copy like love, joy, pride, happy and enjoy.

13 October 2017