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The 5 Best Business Blogs

Ever googled ‘how to start a small business’ or ‘how to reach more people’? We have! It brings up a long list of blogs, advice and steps to take but in reality, only a few lines in countless articles come to any use. So here’s another list, but this time, of blogs that we’ve read, used and actually implemented in our business to make successful changes. We’ve done the extra reading so you don’t have to.

  1. Email Marketing
    This one is for the email marketers out there, or if you’re not yet an email marketer why you should be. The funny thing about email is, it’s not so much what you send out or how often you send it, first it’s all about how many people you’re sending it to. This blog from Quicksprout helped immensely in our ability to grow our email list. The 3 key takeaways: add a sign-up footer to the website, add a sign-up pop-up and sign up option at checkout!

  2. Facebook Adverts
    Small businesses require advertisement and Facebook is an easy way to get into it. Most of us have a Facebook page for our business so why not start running ads. If you’re getting to the point you’re headed to the Facebook business manager rather than promoting individual posts then this blog by social media examiner is for you. It covers all the important fundamental basics that a good Facebook manager account should have. One of the tips we live by is incrementally increasing our budget every week if the return on ad spend is good; it’s led to some great campaigns.

  3. Instagram Adverts
    Tying in with Facebook ads, this blog from Banner Snack is all about Instagram ads. The difficulty with Instagram is finding your footing, what works best for your consumer? We already had quite a lot figured out but wanted to try adding something new. Flashy influencers just don’t work for us so we had to do some extra reading. The 24 Instagram advert ideas shared in this got us thinking and helped us create an extremely effective yet simple advert based on our old successful ads; making them even more successful. Hopefully, there’s something in there for you too.

  4. Small Business Journey
    Starting a business can be a lonely journey, hence why the #smallbiz community is so important. Sometimes it’s nice to hear from someone who’s in the same boat, traversing the same ground you just have or are about to pass. Ava May began her candle company in 2018, got picked up by Mrs Hinch has been on a crazy journey of growth since then. We first heard of her as she was using our stickers on her products and it’s been wonderful to see such a success story.

  5. Start up Stories
    This one is not technically a blog but we thought we’d include it because it’s easy to consume whilst you’re working and extremely entertaining. It’s a podcast called How I built this with Guy Raz on NPR. He interviews successful entrepreneurs like the founders of Spanx, Zappos, Airbnb and Virgin Media, finding out about their journey from childhood to business success. Entertaining, funny and inspiring are three words we’d use to describe it. We often listen to the hour-long podcasts whilst working, picking up tricks and tips from the best in businesses. Currently, Jen Rubio’s story founding Away is brilliant, she started branding before knowing her product. Any thoughts?

We hope you find some inspiration and help from the blogs we’ve shared. Feel free to DM us any questions or thoughts on Instagram.

24 September 2020