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6 new ways to use stickers

Do you like getting creative with stickers? We certainly do. Stickers are an effective way to promote your business and you can make great crafts with them. We’ve found some very original ideas for using stickers. We hope that some will work for you and that you have fun trying them out.

1. Customise Stickers for Kids

Kids love stickers. Whether at home or in the classroom, stickers can be a great motivator. To use as them rewards, you can pop them directly onto shirts and jumpers, or stick them on motivational and behaviour charts.

If you work in the education sector, rather than buying pre-printed stickers with ‘Superstar’ or ‘Star reader’ etc., you can customise your own superstar stickers with the school logo or your own colour scheme.

If you need small round stickers for a chart at home, you can design them with your child’s help, using their name, their choice of colours and favourite characters.

2. Make better Name Labels

Have you ever been handed a name label at an event only to find there’s no lapel or suitable place on your clothes for it to go? Or if you hold events, do you find that people often walk off with your label holders at the end?

You can get around both of these issues using stickers. Avery WePrint labels stick easily to clothes and peel off without damaging delicate fabrics.

The best way to create name labels is to design custom stickers with a background, border or logo that ties in with your branding. Then write the names on neatly by hand with a high quality pen and your name labels will look unique and distinctive.

The best Avery WePrint sticker materials for writing on with a pen are paper with a matt or natural finish and Brown Kraft paper.

3. Use Stickers for Event Rewards

If you’re organising a charity event such as a race, run or special challenge, you’ll know that the participants will expect something at the finish. And for many competitors, cheap medals just aren’t wanted.

Handing out one or more stickers saying ‘I survived …’ or ‘… Finisher’ along with some water and a snack can work well. It’s an effective way to reward participants while also promoting your organisation. This idea is also much cheaper and less complicated that organising t-shirts!

Avery WePrint stickers come on sheets, so you’ll have to cut around them to hand them out with the backing.

4. Create Magnets and Badges with Stickers

Do you like crafting? If so, you’re probably familiar with magnetic sheets (they come in various colours with or without adhesive backing) and bar pins, all of which you can buy cheaply online.

To create custom fridge magnets, simply place the Avery WePrint stickers that you have designed in the shape and size of your choice onto a magnetic sheet. Cut around them and that’s all there is to it!

If you choose plastic for your sticker material, you’ll get an even more stunning result.

To create badges, put your customised stickers onto thick card or thin cardboard and cut around them. Then cover them in a craft resin to create a hard, clear surface and glue a flat-backed bar pin to the back using a good craft glue. You’ll be surprised how professional these look.

5. Try Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Stickers are another way to get your marketing messages out there. And a well designed logo is worth displaying every way possible.

If your business or organisation involves youth and activities, stickers are a great promotional tool. Don’t forget to include your web address.

We’re not advocating anything illegal or defacing any property, of course. But if you can get your customers, team members, family and friends to display your stickers, it can really boost your marketing.

They can place your stickers on notice boards, laptops, books, bags, car bumpers, instrument cases, surfboards and skateboards – anywhere possible!

And if you’re at an exhibition, show or trade event, try handing out stickers with business cards and any free gifts.

6. Add extra info and QR codes

Have you got a new offer, discount or competition? Or what if you’ve added new and improved ingredients in your product? Don’t reprint all your marketing literature or product packaging, just add a bright, bold sticker to let people know.

Stickers with QR codes are also great for sending people to web pages with complicated urls. You might want to link them to a competition or newsletter sign-up page, for example.

QR code scanners are free apps that bring up a web page when the QR code is scanned. It’s easy to create a QR code online for free, then just upload it to your Avery We Print sticker design in the online Design Tool as you would any image.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration here. Please check out these articles to help you get you started: How to create custom stickers and Choosing the right material for your stickers .

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29 August 2018