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Have you heard about Melinda's Vegan Mixes?

We love learning more about the companies we print labels, stickers and other stationery for as it always leaves us feeling all inspired. One company which truly caught our eye as it came off the printer was Melinda’s Mixes. We chatted to business owner, Melinda to discover the story behind her business.

Tell us about your business and the range of products you sell.

I sell vegan food seasonings and vegan cheeses. The seasonings make it a lot easier to make vegan recipes. The business has been running for about two years and I run it in addition to my day job so this keeps me busy.

Why did you decide to set up this business?

I always liked making vegan food and coming up with new and interesting recipes. My spare time was spent making these for people I knew anyway and the feedback was great so thought I would try and sell it.

How do you get people to hear about your products?

To create awareness about my business I mainly use Facebook and Instagram. I also live in Brighton which is a vegan friendly city and I sell my products at a vegetarian co-operative food store called Infinity Foods.

Your labels caught our eye with your use of bold colours and fonts – how did you create the design?

I really like bold colours myself and wanted something that would stand out but be simple.

What research did you do before you started to create your brand?

No research was done before I started as I just went with my gut instinct which has paid off. I studied business when I was younger and enjoyed the marketing side of it so probably got something from this too which helped me go in the right direction.

How important is the packaging for getting your products to stand out over others?

It is really important. I want my products to stand out and be bold on the shelves as there are so many vegan products to compete against now. Even when people don’t know what the products are they want to look at them and find out more, so the packaging is key for attracting that initial attention.

Why did you choose WePrint for your labels?

I did a lot of research online with having no skills in this area and found it easy to use. The price was also good, and it was so simple to upload my own images and put them in different shapes and sizes. It was the simplest option for someone who doesn’t know what they were doing.

What’s the best way for people to find out more about your products?

You can learn more about us on Facebook at and Instagram via and through the co-operative’s social media channels which are @infinityfoodsw on Twitter and Facebook at

I currently only sell in Brighton but my goal for next year is to get my products listed in the co-operative’s catalogue and to sell my products throughout the country in their independent health food shops.

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7 September 2018