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Marketing postcards – how to reach your audience

Marketing postcards are a great way to build awareness of your brand. Direct mail campaigns can be great for targeting regional areas. They can be used for sending out promotional messages to potential customers in a new area. You could even use them to invite customers to your new premises or events. However there are some things to keep in consideration when creating your marketing postcards.

What do I need to include in my marketing postcard?

Before picking the postcard size, you should finalise the amount of information you want to send out to your customers. We recommend either the A5 double sided postcard or the DL double sided postcard.

#1 Relevant image

Ensure the images you use are relevant to your brand and business services. A prospective customer needs to be able to tell what kind of services you provide otherwise the postcard is useless. A great way to do this is to use your company logo as the basis of the postcard design.

#2 Send the right message

Companies can use marketing postcards as a way to reach a huge consumer base in the local area. Using the right messaging to attract these potential customers is incredibly important. Think about the purpose of the postcard – what do you want to tell your potential customers about? Are you opening a new site in the area? Is there a flash sale coming up? The messaging needs to be clear, concise and interesting to ensure that your postcard doesn’t become part of the junk mail pile.

#3 Entice them – discount offer

A great way to make sure your marketing postcard is reaching your audience is to entice them with discount offers. People love free stuff – product giveaways are a great way to attract new consumers. To track the effectiveness of your marketing postcards, you can also use regional-based discount offers. Then you can track which areas you are more popular in – it can help refine your marketing collateral for your next campaign too!

#4 High quality postcard – use the right material

Getting the right messaging, relevant images and the best offer onto the postcard is important, but can be rendered useless if the postcard is printed onto low quality paper. For a beautiful marketing postcard, you should look to use a card material with at least a 260gsm card stock. Focus on getting a high quality print too.

Have you got any more tips to reach audiences with marketing postcards? Comment below and let us know! page to pick up more branding & marketing tips for your customers.

4 September 2015