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How to Make Shipping & Addressing Labels Fun

We know. Addressing & Shipping labels can be one of the most boring parts of the office stationery cupboard. But here at Avery WePrint, we LOVE using our designs and templates to make boring things beautiful. Simply adding colour, prints or even a nice message can make your printed address labels really pop!

How can I make my addressing labels fun?

We've got a couple of tips here that can quickly make your address labels look more fun for the person receiving the post.

#1 Use COLOUR!

Use colour and your branding to make your labels more interesting in the post!

Avery WePrint is a big fan of colour. It can be emotive, fun and help make our products look more interesting. Some of our favourite customer designs have used a heavy dose of colour to inject some fun into their personalised labels & stickers.

Creating return address labels for work? Use your corporate colours to make sure you enforce a cohesive brand identity. Using them for an event or a party invitation? Use the event colours or take significant patterns to show your guests what colour choices they could expect.

There are so many ways colour can improve your labels. Experiment with colour combinations to understand what works well. It can take some time, but your labels will look beautiful and attractive.

#2 Add a little inspirational quote

We love inspiration. In fact we have a whole section of our site devoted on inspiring our customers before they start designing their products. Why not inspire some of your suppliers with a quote or statement? Creating addressing labels for your wedding? Add a statement about love. It'll get your guests excited for your ceremony and set the tone of the wedding too!

#3 Add your logo

Branding is incredibly important but can be forgotten in aspects of day-to-day office life. Addressing & shipping labels is one area that this can happen. Instead of using a plain white return address label, use a label in your corporate colours and a full colour version of your label.

See? We told you we could make addressing and shipping labels more fun! Not sure about it? Design your own return address labels and let us know! Make sure you double check the content before you click print!. Comment below if you know of any other way to make addressing more fun!

9 April 2015