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How to get your copy right on your label design

When creating branding for a small business so many owners only focus on choosing colours, images and logo design. But how much time is spent on making sure the text is right on your products? It’s not unusual to outsource logo or branding design work to an expert but many people try to write the marketing copy themselves. Writing copy that will attract attention, as well as persuading someone to try a product, requires skill and an understanding of what information should be included.

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At WePrint we understand that as a small business you will need to be careful what is outsourced so here are some of our top tips for making sure your packaging copy works for you.

1. We completed a scientific study into the importance of label design which included exploring the use of text on a label. It was evident that using emotion played an important role when writing copy. This could be words such as ‘love’, ‘joy’ or ‘pride’. The human brain is hardwired to notice emotion over facts which is why these words would light up elements of our brain.

2. If you have any awards or accreditations, then make sure you include these on your design.

3. People like to read about the stories of products over facts so tell the story of your product. If there isn’t space on your label, think about how you could use other point of sale material that would get this across.

4. Use simple language that your audience will understand.

5. Use adjectives to describe the product so it sounds as enticing as possible. You want potential customers to build up a picture of what the product will taste, smell or look like.

6. Write your product copy with your customer in mind. Only include the information they will want to know and not all the details you would like to tell them. They will soon switch off if it’s not relevant.

7. People are prepared to pay more for quality so make sure you use words that reflect the quality of your product. Luxurious, handmade and high-class are all descriptions which suggest quality.

8. People reading your labels will respond better to personalisation so if you are sending packages think of ways you can add a personal touch. Whilst you won’t be able to personalise everything, always talk to the audience through your copy using words such as ‘you’ and ‘your’ so they feel involved.

9. It’s important to include rational information about the product that will help people to make up their mind about whether a product is right for them. This could be ingredients or health and safety messages such as ‘gluten free’.

10. Always make sure you proof-read and edit any copy. It will give a poor reflection of your company if you have copy mistakes. This could also be costly if you have to re-print your packaging labels.

Avery WePrint designer help

You can quickly and easily add and edit text using the WePrint software. Make sure you preview your design so you can be confident that the copy works with your overall messaging. Once you are submitted your order, we will print your labels and send them out in just a few days.

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26 October 2018