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How To Create Your Own Wedding Planning Binder

Our personalised ring binders are a great way to keep organised. Many potential brides have used our binders to keep important documents and sources of inspiration safe during the intensive planning process. Here are some of our tips to create a beautiful wedding planning binder.

Create a wedding binder for your special day

Planning a wedding can be difficult; it's important to remember the reason why you're going to this much trouble. Put a photo of you and your groom or bride-to-be to truly personalise the experience. We usually recommend either our 65mm lever arch ring binder or 50mm paper over board ring binder. Both are large enough to whole all of the documents required to plan a wedding.

#1 Choose the right ring binder

It’s likely that you’ll need to hold a lot of information in your wedding planning binder. If you’re having a larger wedding with hundreds of people, it’s likely you’ll need a lever arch binder. If it’s a smaller intimate wedding you’re planning, a 40mm binder may be big enough.

#2 Include your wedding colours

Your wedding planning binder is a great place to start including your wedding colours and theme. It’s the first place you’ll be able to see your colours, wedding logo and any other artwork part of your wedding.

Avery WePrint Wedding Planning Ring Binder

Keep everything organised in a high quality personalised ring binder

#3 Keep it organised

The key function of your wedding planning binder is to keep all your important wedding information neat and organised. Use dividers, self-adhesive pockets and notes to make sure information is easy to find in a hurry. Planning a wedding is difficult enough; don’t make it harder because of poor organisation. You could even use stickers of your monogram to highlight important documents within the binder.

#4 Make it beautiful

You’re likely to take your wedding planning binder to important meetings with vendors and your wedding planner. It needs to look the part and indicate that you’ve put some thought behind what you want for your wedding. A great way to make it look beautiful and understated is to use colours and patterns that are going to feature in your wedding as well as a monogrammed logo of the happy couple’s initials and the date of your wedding. It’ll look beautiful enough for your planning whilst getting you excited for the big day.

Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful at times. Make sure your wedding planning binder is up to scratch and looks the part. Can you think of anything else to include to a wedding planning binder? Comment below and let us know!

9 April 2015