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How To Create Beautiful Packaging Labels

Here at Avery WePrint, we love coming up with brand new ways to use our personalised labels. One of our favourite ways of using labels is to create beautiful packaging.

Product packaging can play a huge role in helping close a sale. Great packaging can attract customers and create a connection with your target audience, displaying relevant information in a visually appealing way. Don’t let poor packaging ruin the time and effort you put into the product itself.

How can I make my product packaging look beautiful?

The shipping packaging is a good place to start. It has a crucial twofold role. It protects the product during transit. It also provides the specific information for proper timely delivery. But the functionality of your shipping package needs to include looking aesthetically pleasing to the end-consumer.

Avery WePrint Labels for Product & Packaging

Use colour to make your packaging labels pop!

A strong shipping container is always required but the opportunities to connect with your customer and to brand your business should not be limited by the practicality of your sturdy shipping package. Think about the number of touch points your shipping packaging goes through before reaching your customer. It’s a great chance to increase your brand awareness and communicate what your company is about.

Great packaging & branded labels can help build customer relationships and increase brand loyalty. Branding labels are a great way to advertise your company with packaging. Our polypropylene labels work especially well as packaging labels because of the hard-wearing plastic material.

Creating logo stickers, shipping labels as well as stickers with company hashtags or even other social media information are a great way to customise your shipping packaging. Adding your company URL and social media handles is a great way to bridge the gap between your digital marketing efforts and the customer experience of receiving their purchases in the post. If nothing else, a sticker on a shipping package provides one last opportunity to thank your customer for their purchase.

Have you got any more ways to create beautiful packaging labels? Comment below and let us know! Check out some product & packaging labels here.

5 February 2015