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Getting Started: Business Labels

Are you thinking about printing labels for a business? You might be surprised to find out just how important labels can be. That's why we've made it easy to get high quality labels printed with your own designs here at Avery WePrint.

Have you created a design, a ‘look’ or an idea for your labels already? To make sure you get your labels right, the first step is to think about how your labels are going to be used. (If you haven’t yet got a design, here’s a blog with tips on designing labels)

Your labels also need to look professional. So we’ve developed label materials, printing processes and adhesive that enhance your designs and help prevent fading, damage and slipping.

Your design can be printed right to the edge with no border. And we make sure that colours are true to your design and that details are clear with very high resolution photo quality printing.

Step 1: Decide what you want your labels to do

We find that most businesses use labels for these key purposes:

  • Product labeling and packaging: When you’re a small-scale business, customised packaging just isn’t viable. With eye-catching customised labels on your packaging, you can have the same effect at a fraction of the cost. And if you’re selling to the public, you’ll need labels that provide information to comply with regulations for food, drink, honey, beauty products and candles, for example.
  • Branding, marketing and point-of-sale: Labels help make your company or brand easily recognizable. You can reinforce brand recognition with price labels and sale labels, or use branded labels on all kinds of items, from leaflets and envelopes to coat hangers, containers and folders.
  • Ecommerce fulfilment: Encourage customer loyalty by adding a special touch with labels. Use them to make opening your package a more memorable experience – a simple thank you label on your packaging or a small round logo label to keep tissue paper in place is always appreciated.
  • Admin and storage: Use labels in a practical way to help you stay organised. Sticky labels are ideal for files, folders, drawers, shelves and more. Personalised labels are great for making sure your stationery items stay where you want them!

Step 2: Choose your label material

  • Paper labels offer the widest range of shapes and sizes – rectangle, round, square, oval, plaque and square oval. They come in a matt, gloss or natural finish.
  • Plastic labels are perfect for sticky jam and honey jars or beauty products in plastic bottles because they’re water resistant and wipeable. They’re also designed to withstand contact with oil.
  • Textured Cream Paper labels are made from thick, premium, textured off-white paper. With water resistant and anti-mould properties, these labels work well for wine, beer and drinks bottles.
  • Brown Kraft Paper labels give you a rustic, organic or homemade look. They’re eco-friendly, made from 100% recycled materials. You can write directly onto these labels with an ordinary pen – a great personal touch to give you a competitive edge!
  • Clear Labels are also made from plastic with water and oil resistant properties. To make your design stand out on these labels, we use a special printing technique which creates a white layer under the design.
  • Waterproof Labels are designed to withstand extreme conditions. These labels meet the highest international standards for exposure to water, heat and cold.

Step 3: Measure the space

It always pays to carefully measure the space where a label will go. Don’t guess, as appearances can be deceiving – especially on the curved surface or a bottle or jar.

Avery WePrint label sizes range from just under 40mm square to rectangles over 200 mm wide, so there’s plenty of choice to find the right size label.

When placing your printed labels on a surface, you can re-position them; because they take about 24 hours for the adhesive to fully bond.

Step 4: Get started

Why not order a small quantity of labels to experiment and get feedback? It’s simple with Avery WePrint. Follow this link to start creating your labels today.

Make an impact with custom printing

Personalised items always make a great impression. With Avery WePrint you can make stunning business cards, ring binders, CD/DVDs, posters or cards printed with your own designs.

4 May 2018