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Get branding with wall stickers

Our wall stickers are a great way to liven up your office. Create your own designs to fit the look of your office, or use your branding. Plus they work well as policy signs and indoor advertising too! We love using them to motivate us in the office, by printing motivational quotes onto large wall stickers. But you can use them to brand your business too.

How can I brand my business with wall stickers?

Remember, your office should be your brand's hub. Don't be afraid to have your own logo & mission statement on the wall. It can remind your employees of what's important in your business. If you have different products within your business, you can have each of the product's logos on the wall to represent the brand family. A0 wall stickers are perfect to showcase branding on a large scale whereas the smaller A4 & A5 wall stickers are good for policy messages and health & safety signage.

#1 Set the tone

Use quotes, quirky phrases or monograms to express your taste and personality. Be sure to choose a typeface that works with the vibe of your space. You could use your brand slogan or your company ethos to show employees that it should be part of everyday life.

#2 Create a unique office space

We spend at least 8 hours a day in our offices working. It makes it a much more pleasant experience when we've got something nice to look at! Creating a unique office space can encourage people to feel more productive and at home with their surroundings.

#3 Get your brand seen

Showcase your brand by using wall stickers as indoor advertising. Let your customers know about upcoming sales & promotions, new product lines and even new offices! It's perfect for temporary advertisements for seasonal events too like Boxing Day sales too.

Wall stickers are a great way to advertise your brand & ethos to people both inside and outside your company. Have you got any other ways to use wall stickers? Comment below and let us know!

3 September 2015