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4 handmade products tips

Eye catching logos

The process of creating a unique brand for a product can be overwhelming for any business, as there are many elements to think about. A logo can help you establish a significant presence in the market and retain customer loyalty.

A well-designed logo acts as a selling tool for your handmade products and exposes your brand to a wider audience. When you use Avery WePrint, we can help make your logo stand out on a wide range of products as the high quality digital print adds vibrancy and detail to your imagery and text.

The personal touch

One of the biggest successes a handmade business can have is adding a personal touch when sending out products. A little ‘thank you’ sticker placed on packaging shows your customers how much you appreciate their business. You could try our 40mm round labels for packaging your products. Simply upload an image or logo into the software and add “thank you” text for appreciation. It you are a marketplace seller, this little detail will catch the eye of the consumer and encourage repeat purchases.

Tell a story

From our work with handmade businesses, we know you all have an interesting story to share. Storytelling is an effective way to build a relationship with your customers as it increases engagement. It also helps build up trust as your customers understand your business better and people remember much more about stories than they do product facts.

Tell some of your brand story by designing and printing WePrint cards to go with your orders. The process is so easy and you can print them in low minimum order quantities. It saves time and effort, yet personalises the product that you are selling.

Your story is unique to your brand so this is a perfect way to differentiate amongst competitors!

Spread the message

We all know that social media plays a huge part in the success of a small business. However, in order to grow on social media, it is still important to promote your social channels using traditional marketing methods. The handmade industry makes such a big impact on channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but is there more you could be doing?

Why not add all your social media addresses to one of our square business cards and encourage people to share your products using hashtags that promote your business? Using the WePrint software you can design something personalised and unique. There’s a lot of love for square business cards at the moment and by simply uploading a logo and social media icons, you may get a response that you never expected. Send these cards out with your products or distribute them at your next event or fair.

If you create cards and labels for your handmade business using Avery WePrint feel free to share your finished products using the hashtag #AveryWePrint so we can help you promote your business too.

3 March 2017