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How to use custom stickers in your business

Do you remember stickers as a kid? Usually given out as a reward, we'd all be super excited to receive them. But, you can use stickers in your adult life, especially for your small business. Not sure how you can you use custom stickers in your business? We've got some tips for you.

#1 Brand your mailing

When you're sending things out - whether it's product deliveries, sample packs or even regular letters to others, use a custom sticker! Here at Avery WePrint, if we're sending out sample packs from our customer services department, we always use an Avery WePrint sticker on the external envelope so the receiver knows the letter is from us. It's a simple way to get your branding out to other people. Our polypropylene labels are a perfect material for this. They're water resistant and hard wearing - perfect for Royal Mail!

#2 Product labelling

One of the most popular uses for our labels are as product labels - whether it's food, drinks, or even candles. Custom labels are perfect for this - simply use your branding, images and logo to create your product labels.

Custom stickers are a great way to get your branding out

Show off your brand with custom stickers on your products

#3 Organise your office

Stickers are a great way to organise the office - in fact, our wall stickers are ideal for this. Simply use your organisations' ethos to create a wall sticker personalised to your business.

#4 Reward stickers

We're all kids at heart, and our reward stickers go down pretty well! Whether it's best tea maker, quietest typing or tidiest desk, we're all big fans of the elusive reward sticker. Maybe our school teachers were onto something with reward stickers!

Create your own custom stickers for rewards

Do you know of any more ways you could use custom stickers in your business? Comment below and let us know!

13 April 2016