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Choosing the Right Colours for your Brand – the Hidden Psychology of Colour

Are you creating or developing a brand? If you are, getting your colours right can be absolutely crucial.

This is because many people will remember you by the colours you use. What’s more, colours have meanings and affect our subconscious, so your colours need to be in keeping with your brand’s purpose and ideals.

In research, 84.7% of consumers have cited colour as the primary reason for buying a product! This shows how important it is to choose colours that appeal to your target market.

Many small business owners fall into the trap of letting their own personal likes or dislikes dictate their brand colour scheme. But if you know about the hidden psychology of colour, you can ensure that your brand is conveying the right messages.

Don’t forget that with the Avery WePrint online design tool and with low minimum orders for our labels, cards and other products, it’s easy to experiment and test different colour schemes out on your customers.

If you’re exporting or doing business abroad, be aware that colour associations can be cultural therefore differ around the world. White is the colour of mourning in Asia, for example, while it’s red in South Africa and purple in some Latin American countries!

What do the colours say?

  • Red is an intense colour with many different associations, from youth, passion, excitement, appetite, energy and strong emotions to danger, fire and blood. It’s a bold energetic colour that can symbolise strength, confidence and power. Red creates a sense of urgency and importance. It has a lot of significance in Asia and is the most auspicious colour in Chinese culture.
  • Blue tends to be a corporate colour, often chosen by firms offering business services, such as accountants and lawyers, as well as those in the science and healthcare sectors. This is because blue signifies trust, dependability, communication and security, as well as cleanliness and science. Preferred by men, blue has also been shown to lower blood pressure, curb appetite and increase productivity!
  • Green is the colour of nature and therefore signifies peacefulness and ecology as well as and growth and liveliness. It is often used to promote relaxation and also symbolises good luck, prestige and money. Dark green can give a brand a premium look while light green denotes fun.
  • Orange is friendly, fresh, youthful, energetic, creative and adventurous. Although it can be a warning colour, it’s also supposed to encourage impulsive shoppers!
  • Black represents authority, power, mystery, boldness, elegance and sophistication.
  • Yellow is the colour of warmth, optimism, cheerfulness, playfulness, optimism, energy and hope. It’s also associated with intelligence and mental clarity, as well as warnings (think high-viz jackets and hard hats). Because it’s a lighter colour, yellow is often used with a darker colour in logos. It is, however, the most visible colour from a distance and works well on posters and signs.
  • Purple signifies creativity, wisdom, imagination, mystery, royalty and spirituality. It is a low arousal colour and the darker shades are used by brands promoting luxury and opulence, with lighter shades being used for feminine and nostalgic brands.
  • Neutral colours including brown, beige and grey may represent calm and balance, but they are less popular for logos than other aspects of branding design. Brown indicates woodiness, and utilities and is often used for logos related to construction and the legal profession due to its simplicity, warmth and neutrality.

How to combine colours

You’ll probably want to use more than one colour for your brand, and there is a science to combining colours. This illustration shows you how to use the four most common colour combinations.

Psychology of Colour

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26 June 2018