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How to Choose the Right Label Shape for your Product

Need help choosing which label shape is the perfect fit for your product? Whether you're printing labels for bottles, candles, homemade products and more, using the right label shape can be pivotal in creating a great first impression with your customers.

Choosing a shape for your label?

First things first: Measure the surface of your product and determine exactly what information you need to include. Then, refer to the information below for shape-specific details you can use to make a smart selection.

Consider a rectangle if ...

  • Your container is elongated (think tall and thin, or short and wide)
  • You’d like your label to wrap around, separating your logo and more technical info
  • Your logo is text heavy
  • You’re looking for moderate coverage or more design space
Ideal for boxed chocolates, canned goods, tubular containers, creams, mason jars, nutrition labels, drinks
Consider an oval if ...

  • You aren’t in need of a lot of surface space
  • You’d prefer minimal coverage
  • Your container is a bottle, jar, or fold-over bag
  • You’re aiming for a softer, more elegant aesthetic
  • Your logo is simple, with a minimalistic design that fits well within the oval shape
  • You’re looking to wrap text around the border
Ideal for baked goods, candles, jarred goods, oils, sauces, soaps, spices, drinks

Consider a square if ...

  • You want to include a lot of information (large square)
  • You’re looking for a pricing/ID label (small square)
  • Your logo is detailed or elaborate
  • Your logo will include a border
  • You’d prefer a more modern or sophisticated look and feel
  • Your container has a clear front and backside and you’d like to separate information
Ideal for dry foods, gift boxes, pricing, spirits, tea or coffee tins
Consider a round shape if ...

  • The surface of your container is curved
  • Your logo design is simple and compact
  • You need to display a moderate amount of information
  • You’re aiming for a more classic aesthetic
  • Your label will appear on a lid
  • Your label is doubling as a seal (think fold-over brown bags)
  • You’re advertising a promotion
  • You would like to add a smaller label for secondary messaging
Ideal for bagged goods, balms and creams, candles, drinks, sauces and jams

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14 March 2018