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How to print business cards online

It can be difficult making the leap from sending your business card to a printer to moving onto web-to-print websites like Avery WePrint. Where do I start? Will they print my business card correctly? Will it be a high quality card? Do I have to order huge amounts?

Printing business cards online is a very easy process, especially with Avery WePrint. But let's start off with the basics.

What do I need to include on a business card?

Think about the purpose of a business card. It's primary function is to provide your contact details in an easy-to-store format. So, add your most relevant contact details. Name, email, telephone number, business name & address are some of the most important pieces of information to include. Remember to leave digital links too, like your website URL & social network profiles too if you have them.

How do I know I've got the right web-to-print website?

Make sure your business card is high quality. 300gsm is a good place to start.

Now that you know what to include, focus on finding the right web-to-print website. Make sure that the price isn't the primary factor you're focusing on when choosing who prints your business card. Your business card is an important way to make a connection - it shouldn't be conveying CHEAP.

Focus on the business card material - A card of 300gsm weight or higher is best. It makes your card look and feel like high quality. At Avery WePrint, we use 340gsm matt card stock to make your business cards look really high quality.

Check out reviews too! A lot of web-to-print websites will have reviews about their products. Ensure that you've done your research on the website, including reading customer reviews. If people have complained about delivery or printing issues, you should be aware of this.

Ask for a sample! If you email our customer services department at [email protected], we're happy to send you a free sample of our business cards.

Finalise the type of card you'd like. A traditional business card in the UK tends to be 85x55mm, but we also offer the slimmer US 90x50mm cards too. We also provide square business cards, folded business cards and our favourite show-stoppers - the business card pad.

Create your design

A lot of web-to-print websites will ask you to provide a file to upload. At Avery WePrint, we allow you to create your own business card directly in our designer. You can upload images and logos or your own artwork as images to create your own business card.

Plus with the preview screen, you can see how the final printed business card will look. Ideal for those who aren't sure if the design is the right fit for their business.

Get ready to print

Once you've finalised the design, choose your quantities and click print. We'll take care of the rest. See? It's super simple. And you'll receive your brand new high quality digitally printed business cards in 3-5 days.

15 October 2015